Sunday, September 27, 2015

Chickenmachine - Chickens named After Warmachine.

My wife said we were getting chickens and I said the only way that was going to happen is if I got to name them. We ended up getting 4 from a lady that was moving so I named one Madelyn Corbeau because she was feisty and was full of intrigue and the other one is Dirty Meg because she's boring and does nothing the whole time.

We let my nephews name the other two and one isJamie and the other is Sleeping Beauty. Not very Chickenmachiney but hey, it works.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

My Warmachine Shelf - My Entire Painted Collection

 Here are some shots of my Warmachine shelf.

Khador and Menoth

Pirates and Khador

Legion of Everblight and Circle Orboros

I'm always looking to trade Legion and Menoth if anyone is interested :)

Khador Warmachine T-Shirt

Got my Tuesday Night Warmachine shirt made! I've got a red one too. Working on making the other Warjacks for my friends and maybe even a cool Warcaster Steampunk armor shirt design.

I decided to not go with the distress and stick to the full blocky color. I also have a Dice Wrath logo to put on the sleeve for when we play in tournaments.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Warmachine T-Shirt - Cryx Shirt

Here is a Deathjack inspired shirt that I designed for us to wear on game nights. I haven't decided if I should write text on him yet. "Crippling Grasp" would be a good spell but it'd be hard to fit it in. We'll see.

Warmachine T-Shirts - Khador and Cygnar

I've always wanted a cool Warmachine T-shirt to wear to game night to show my nerdiness and dedication to my faction but I've never seen any. I designed these just for me and I'll probably make one for every faction.

 For the Motherland!

Shoot First!

These shirts are for fun and are no way being sold because I love Privateer Press and hate getting cease and desist letters. In the future I will be designing more generic steampunk robot shirts that I'll sell on here.

Hope to be wearing a Circle Orboros one for the Devastation Event next month!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Deneghra 3 Conversion - 3D Printed!

We got a 3D Printing Pen at Frys Electronics so I decided to make Denegrhra 3 because I'm too poor to buy it. Most likely not tournament legal, right?

It's definitely not as easy to use as they make it look. The initial goal was to maybe print some fun little weapons to attach to our Warmachine figures but as you can see from the picture above, it's hard to manipulate.

I had problems right out of the box. For some reason the plastic wouldn't feed so I had to manually shove it down which was really awkward and annoying.

Would I recommend this for someone who wants to do some mini conversions? Probably not. It's more of a fun little toy to let you work out some creative juices. You most likely won't make anything cool for Warmachine.

Monday, September 21, 2015

My First Warmachine Tournament - My First Victory!

GMI Warmachine Steamroller 2015 Tournament

This Coin is very special to me and is something I now carry around with me so I can explain to friends and family that I won a game where I pushed around plastic little toys vs. other grown men's plastic little toys for hours on end.

The Coin represents the hundreds of hours I've spent sitting on the toilet reading strategy guides on how to win at this game and studying the countless models and their stats.

It proves my dedication for something that only means anything to very few but sometimes you just need some validation for being a total nerd.
I hope to one day pass The Coin on to my son, Ronan Wolf Lim. Maybe it will inspire him to become the ultra nerd that he was destined to become.

My first tournament was incredibly fun but I didn't realize how stressful it would be though because I've never really played Warmachine in a timed environment. After decompressing after each match I was physically exhausted which I found really weird.

I was actually only really nervous or stressed out in between matches. When I used to play sports I would always puke right before every game. It's a problem I've always had to deal with but once I'm actually performing all the nerves work themselves out.

Some of the key factors in why I did so well was the composition of our local meta. It looks like there's only 1 person in the store that plays Cryx which is the Achilles Heel of my favorite Warcaster, Butcher 3, and it's my buddy Ryan who I've played against dozens of times before so I've got practice against him. There also seems to be only 1-2 Circle and Legion players which I also have trouble with.

I also felt my lists were very flexible. Not in terms of dealing with skew lists but in terms of adapting and capitalizing on my opponents mistakes. The mobility and threat that I had in my lists helped me surprise my opponents and allowed me to switch gears quickly when I felt I had better opportunities. This also worked in my favor because it confused my opponents and ate up their clock which forced them to play sloppier.

I look forward to playing in next month's Devastation Event which I will either bring Circle or Legion. I'm looking to trade my Menoth army and someone offered me some Legion. I'd much rather have Skorne or Circle but if the trade works out, I'll most likely bring them.

I hope to see you guys at GMI Tuesday for some games!

My First Warmachine Tournament - Khador The Old Witch vs. Skorne eMakeda

GMI Warmachine Steamroller 2015 Tournament

This is the last round of the tournament and I made it to the finals table undefeated along with Jose who was also undefeated and playing Skorne. I had never played against Skorne before and I was frantically trying to add his list to War Room so I could at least figure out what his Warlocks' feats were.

I was torn because I wanted Jose to win his last match because I really wanted to experience a Skorne army but I also didn't because I had no clue what they did. I would have been much more comfortable against Zoe, the person he beat, because she brought Legion which I am fairly familiar with.

Oh, I'm also list locked because I hadn't found a favorable match up for my Old Witch list. Jose on the other hand was not list locked. He brought eMakeda and Xerxis' Fist of Halaak Tier list. I've heard a lot about this Tier list so I knew it was something to be feared.

After looking at my locked list, Jose decides to take eMakeda.

Into the Woods (35 Points)

Warcaster: The Old Witch of Khador (-3)
Warjack Attachment: Scrapjack
Warjack: Behemoth (+13)
Unit: Kayazy Assassins (+8)
Unit Attachment: Kayazy Assassin Underboss (+2)
Unit: Winter Guard Infantry (+6)
Unit Attachment: Winter Guard Officer & Standard (+2)
Weapon Attachment: Winter Guard Infantry Rocketeer x2 (+2)
Solo: Eiryss, Angel of Retribution (+3)
Solo: Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich (+2)
Objective: Effigy of Valour


Supreme Archdomina Makeda (35 Points)

Warlock: Supreme Archdomina Makeda (-5)
Warbeast: Molik Karn (+11)
Warbeast: Titan Gladiator (+8)
Unit: Paingiver Bloodrunners (+5)
Unit: Praetorian Swordsman (+6)
Unit: Paingiver Beast Handlers (+3)
Unit Attachment: Praetorian Swordsman Officer & Standard (+2)
Solo: Hakaar the Destroyer (+4)
Solo: Feralgeist (+1)
Objective: Fuel Cache

I didn't get a lot of good pictures because I was really busy trying to read what all his stuff did so I didn't get caught in a gotcha move.

Initial Deployment

I deploy Old Witch in the center of the battlefield behind my objective that gives cover and place Scrapjack on the far right side so I can hopefully run with him and cast a surprise Unseen Path and place the Old Witch next to the flag to score a point.

In not surprising fashion I lose the roll to go first. Jose activates eMakeda and casts Leash on Molik Karn which allows him to advance directly towards her when she moves. She advances up and Molik Karn follows her like a one eyed pup. She then casts Road to War which gives +2 movement to any non-warlock faction models in her control area. She then has Molik Karn, Titan Gladiator, Hakaar, the Bloodrunners, the Swordsman, and Beast Handlers run up as far as they can.

On my turn I allocate 1 to each jack and I basically just run all my guys up except for The Old Witch. I cast Iron Flesh on my Winter Guard Infantry and then cast a 5" Murder of Crows cloud in front of them hopefully to deter the Bloodrunners.

Turn 2 End of Round

I forget to take a picture in between rounds because I'm still trying to figure out what to do. Jose runs his Bloodrunners up to get some of my Winter Guard in melee. He positions the rest to block me from controlling the flag. The Bloodrunners have an ability called Shadow Play which says if they damage one or more enemy models with a melee attack, at the end of the combat action you can place one model in the unit in formation anywhere within 1" of another model in their unit. This gives them some extreme mobility that I did not plan for.

He then runs his Praetorian Swordsman to try and jam my Kayazy Assassins. Molik Karn and Titan Gladiator position themselves to kill next turn and after doing the math I realize that Molik Karn can possibly get +2 movement from the Titan Gladiator, +2 Movement from Road to War, +3 movement for Charge, and +2" for Reach. With speed 6 he's got a threat range of 15" which is extremely deadly especially with eMakeda's affinity of +1 fury, her feat which gives him boosted melee attacks with no Free Strikes, and Future Sight which allows him to boost after the fact.

He then moves up eMakeda and for some reason casts Engine of Destruction. I'm not 100% sure why he did that because he didn't attack and it doesn't give any bonuses to defense. He might have done it to free up some fury on her but there was no point because he wasn't running his beasts hot. It might have been better to keep the fury as transfers.

On my turn I allocate 3 to the Behemoth and hold 4 on The Old Witch. I let Iron Flesh drop on the Winter Guard. I then activate Kovnik Joe to give the Winter Guard his For the Motherland speech which gives them boosted ranged attack rolls. He takes a pot shot and misses. Half the Winter Guard Infantry move up with Bob & Weave (+2 DEF) and spray the Bloodrunners down to 3 models which pass their command check. I am also able to get Hakaar down to 4 life but he loads up on Souls which gives him an armor boost and tokens to buy/boost attacks. I use 2 of the Winter Guard Infantry and spray into the Beast Handlers that are surrounding eMakeda to clear some room for my Kayazy Assassins. I use the other two Winter Guard Infantry and do a combined shot on eMakeda which takes off only a few life.

Next I activate Behemoth and move him up 4" so he can see eMakeda. He lobs 2 arcing fire bombard shots and doesn't hit. The AOE's do minor damage to her which she transfers to the Titan Gladiator. She is now sitting on 0 Fury.

After that I activate Eiyrss and take a shot at her and just do 1 damage bringing her down to 12 boxes.

I then activate my Kayazy Assassins who pop their min-feat, Kill Stroke, which gives them acrobatics and allows them to move through models. I am able to get 4 charges on eMakeda and the rest run to get behind her in case I fail and need a second shot next turn.

With Gang, Kayazy Assassins are MAT 9 which is pretty insane. They also are POW 12 which isn't very good but I've got 4 boosted shots at her.

I hit with the first Kayazy and do minor damage to her bringing her down to 7 life. The second Kayazy whiffs with snake eyes and I'm getting worried because I have only two more shots on her and I already rolled double ones. Fortunately one of the Kayazy attacks and connects needing a 6. I need a 12 on damage which is a 37.5% shot and I manage to roll a 14 which ends up killing her.

Khador Victory!

Close up of Assassination

Those tricky bastards did it! Jose said he didn't know that they had that once per game Acrobatics or he wouldn't have left her out in the open so much. He smiled and said it won't ever happen again and that sometimes it's better to lose and learn a good lesson.

I don't particularly like winning when someone doesn't know what a model does but I really wanted this bad. I definitely would have told him about the Kill Stroke ability after he moved eMakeda in their threat range if it was a casual game. We both had about 30+ minutes on our Deathclocks so we did have time to inspect each other's cards and figure out what everything did.

After the match
Jose was very nice about the game and we chatted about what we would have done differently.
He mentioned that he should have brought his Fist of Halaak list which had Incindiarii that would have murdered my Kayazy Assassins with AOE 3 continuous fire shots.

I might have been more likely to win on scenario though because of the lower model count of Fist of Halaak.

If Jose didn't leave me that opening on eMakeda it would have most likely been a long drawn out scenario match. I would have been able to deny him with Old Witch's feat which says that enemy models in her control area can't run or charge and if they end their movement in it, they take a POW 14. I would have controlled the right flag and then tried to slowly win on scenario.

It was definitely a great tournament and I really enjoyed myself and the people I played against.

For the Motherland!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

My First Warmachine Tournament - Butcher 3 vs. pKreuger

GMI Warmachine Steamroller 2015 Tournament

I learned that Steamroller Tournament strength of schedule is determined by 3 factors. The first factor is your Win/Loss record. The next factor is how many control points you scored during your matches. The final is how many points of enemy models you killed.

Since Andrew and I were the only players that won on scenario and scored 5 control points, we were the #1 and #2 seed and faced each other in the next match. Andrew is a very experienced player but mentioned that he hasn't played competitively in a while. He brought a very strong control army with eKreuger and another hit and run style anti-infantry army with pKreuger.

After everyone submitted lists I saw what Andrew brought and I knew that was going to be the toughest match up for me and I did not want to play against him unless I had to.

Before our match, Andrew and I talked about our lists and not wanting to get List Locked. (You must play both your lists at some point during the tournament) Knowing that he was going to be the hardest match up for me in the tournament I decided to go with my stronger list and play Butcher 3 while Andrew gambled and played pKreuger hoping to save eKreuger for the finals.

Kill Stroked (35 Points)
Warcaster: Butcher 3 (-4)
Warcaster Unit: War Argus x2 (+2)
Warcaster Attachment: War Dog (+1)
Warjack: Ruin (+10)
Warjack: Juggernaut (+7)
Unit: Kayazy Assassins (+8)
Unit Attachment: Kayazy Assassin Underboss (+2)
Unit: Widowmakers (+4)
Solo: Widowmaker Marksman (+2)
Solo: Saxon Orrik (+2)
Solo: Ogrun Bokur (+3)


pKreuger (35 Points)
Warcaster: pKreuger (-5)
Warbeast: Warpwolf Stalker (+10)
Warbeast: Feral Warpwolf (+9)
Warbeast: Gorax (+4)
Unit: Druid Stoneward & Woldstalkers (+5)
Unit: Druid Stoneward & Woldstalkers (+5)
Unit: Shifting Stones (+2)
Unit Attachment: Stone Keeper (+1)
Solo: Blackclad Wayfarer (+2)
Solo: Gallows Groves (+1)
Solo: Gallows Groves (+1)

He beats me on threat range and has answers for my high DEF Stealth infantry but I beat him on big bald fat guys that hit hard.

End of Round 1 

Andrew won the roll and went first and set up on the side with the linear obstructions. He moved both his units of Woldstlakers in a straight gun line and set up for my advance. The double Gallows groves move into position for Arc Noding while the Stones set up to use Shifting. His Stalker and Feral Warpwolf stay back and wait to be Shifted.

What I didn't realize was that Shifting says "within" and not "completely within" so the actual distance of placement is not 8" but more like 9.5" which is much scarier.

On my turn I move my army, cast Energizer so my battlegroup moves 3 extra inches and get ready to dominate the flag on turn 2. I keep Ruin behind Juggernaut and hope that the Warpwolf Stalker will take the bait. I know once I can trade for one of his Warbeasts, I'm in a really good spot to attrition.

I position my Kayazy and Widowmakers in a way that I feel would best protect them from pKreugers feat but I was sorely mistaken. The Widowmakers do some work and killed 4 Woldstalkers.

Round 2

On Turn 2, Andrew moves his unit of Woldstalkers on the right side of the picture so they can pop shots at Ruin. With Concentrated Fire they are all able to hit and do quite a bit of damage to him. He then casts Primal from the Gorax on the Warpwolf Stalker and ports him 9.5" into Reach range with Ruin. He makes quick work of him and also cripples both of Juggernaut's arms. I'm a bad spot but I still feel like if I can take out the Warpwolf Stalker I have a shot.

Andrew then pops pKreuger's feat and decimates my Kayazy. As you can see from the picture above, I spread my Kayazy out and feel like they're safe but I didn't realize that the 3" AOE templates didn't have to be centered on models but instead placed anywhere he wanted. He was able to wipe out 7 Kayazy and all 4 Widowmakers. Luckily the Kayazy passed their command check.

I suffered mass casualties so I had to shift gears. I charged Butcher into the center of the pile of Woldstalkers and Feral Warpwolf and cast Impending Doom and pulled everything in. I then used Flashing Blade and wiped out 4 Wold Shrimp, a Blackclad Wayfarer, and the Warpwolf Stalker. I popped my feat and got back to camping 6 focus bringing his defensive stats to DEF 14 ARM 24.

I then decide to use Energizer to place Butcher base to base with the flag but unfortunately the action was challenged because Butcher was inside a wreck maker that counted as rough terrain. A judge was called over to mediate. Energizer states that he gets Pathfinder on activation he charges. I felt that, since he charged, he had Pathfinder for his entire activation but it was ruled that he did not. It's ok though, I was still able to get a War Argus next to the flag to get 1 point.

I gave up the safety of Butcher and sent out the Ogrun Bokur and the War Dog to contest my friendly flag in future turns. I knew that I was down in attrition with my Juggernaut's crippled arms and if I could just play 1 step ahead of Andrew I could pull away with a scenario win.


Round 3

Andrew was successful with Electro Leap attacks from the Feral Warpwolf attacks that had Lightning Tendrils and focused on clearing out the Kayazy's threat and killed all but 2. He used then used his Gallows Grove and moved it based to base with my flag and gained a point. I didn't think this was legal because the Gallows Grove shouldn't be able to control a flag but couldn't specifically find the rules. Andrew said it could and confirmed with the Press Ganger and was able to get a point. I was fine with it.

Later I found out that Immobile models cannot control zones and that Gallows Groves were in fact Immobile. It was my fault because I used the word "Construct" when asking Joe, the Press Ganger, instead of the word "Immobile" which he confirmed that Constructs could control flags.

It was all good. Andrew had to move pKreuger out of the way because the 2 Kayazy had a shot at assassinating him. This made it so that he couldn't dominate on his turn. He also used the Gallows Grove as an Arc Node and used Tornado to Throw the Juggernaut into Butcher knocking both of them down. The Juggernaut took some more damage but luckily Butcher did not.


On my turn I played it safe and just moved everyone to guard Butcher. I felt that killing him would be the only way Andrew had a chance to win now that I controlled the board. I put my crippled Juggernaut in front of my army with the War Argi behind him and finally positioned Butcher behind everything camping 6 focus.

I used the remaining Kayazy to kill the Gallows Grove that was controlling the flag and positioned the Ogrun Bokur and War Dog on opposite sides of the flag in hopes that Andrew wouldn't be able to kill both in one turn.

At the end of the round I killed 1 shrimp and leader and dominated my zone for another 2 points.


End of the Game

There was a ruin terrain that separated the Feral Warpwolf and Butcher which meant it was almost impossible for the Feral to reach him even with Lightning Tendrils. He was able to easily wipe out the Ogrun Bokur but the War Dog miraculously toughed.

There was nothing much left for him to do. He positioned pKreuger safely and toed the zone instead of Dominating his flag. It would have given him 1 more point but ultimately there was nothing he could do to contest his friendly flag.


My resilient War Dog was able to get up and contest my friendly flag and the War Argi, with Gang were able to wipe out the Gallows Grove that was contesting my enemy flag.

I ended my turn with Butcher dominating which put me up to 5 control points for the scenario win. Khador Victory!


Final Thoughts

This was definitely a very stressful match for me. There seemed to be a lot of things that didn't go my way which was ok because they didn't change the outcome of the game.

The Charge/Energizer/Pathfinder ruling was my fault because I didn't do everything in the proper order. I would have been able to do it if but just needed to do it before my initial attack. I would have had to change the order of my activation to make it work. I would have needed to Charge first, kill everything with the Flashing Blade spell, then Energizered because technically I would have still been in my charge activation and had Pathfinder. It didn't change much because I was still able to get 1 control point with the War Argi which was all that mattered.

The second rules that went wrong was the Gallows Grove that controlled a flag. It was my fault again because I asked the Press Ganger if constructs could control and he said yes when I should have asked if Immobile models could control. Again, this didn't change the game outcome but it did change the tempo and forced me to play more offensively instead of defensively.

I learned a lot during this game because I was able to play an experienced and fierce competitor which I really enjoyed. It was stressful and I was exhausted after it but I think it helped me become a better Warmachine player.


Saturday, September 19, 2015

My First Warmachine Tournament - Butcher 3 vs. Harbinger of Menoth

GMI Warmachine Steamroller 2015 Tournament

My first match of the day was actually the one I've been dreading all week. I was matched up with Justin, someone who I saw play Harbinger the last time I was at GMI. His list was quite scary. Justin is a really good player and is experienced in tournaments. He won the last event at GMI.

Justin Deploying his sweet winged Harbinger

Knowing this I practiced a solo game against myself with both my lists vs. Harbinger the morning of the tournament so I would know what to expect. Turns out it's a waste of time to kill any of her units :P

The list I chose to play against her was my Butcher 3 list because I figured that I can solve the Martyrdom problem (When warrior model is disabled take D3 damage and heal them 1) with Silence of Death (No Tough, No Heal, No Transfer on damage) I did learn that Sanguine Bond was not effected by SoD.

Kill Stroked (35 Points)
Warcaster: Butcher 3 (-4)
Warcaster Unit: War Argus x2 (+2)
Warcaster Attachment: War Dog (+1)
Warjack: Ruin (+10)
Warjack: Juggernaut (+7)
Unit: Kayazy Assassins (+8)
Unit Attachment: Kayazy Assassin Underboss (+2)
Unit: Widowmakers (+4)
Solo: Widowmaker Marksman (+2)
Solo: Saxon Orrik (+2)
Solo: Ogrun Bokur (+3)
Solo: Saxon Orrik (+2)

Harbinger of Menoth List (35 Points)
Warcaster: Harbinger of Menoth (-5)
Warjack: Devout (+5)
Unit: Exemplar Errants (+8)
Unit Attachment: Exemplar Errant Officer & Standard (+2)
Unit: Exemplar Bastions (+8)
Unit: Exemplar Bastions (+8)
Solo: Paladin of the Order of the Wall (+2)
Solo: Covenant of Menoth (+2)
Solo: Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord (+3)
Solo: High Paladin Dartan Vilmon (+3)

The double Bastions really worried me as they could soak up tons of damage and spread it around. Even if I managed to dent them they still had Martyrdom to stay alive. They also could potentially take out my Warjacks or even worse, Butcher. The Covenant of Menoth also really worried me too and I specifically brought 4 Widowmakers and 1 Marksman just to deal with it. Again, I would still have to find a way to get past Martyrdom.

End of Round 1

Justin ended up going first which means I'm in a whole heap of trouble. He popped feat on the top of Turn 1, locking my Kayazy and Widowmakers in place. He advances his unit as far forward as he can toward and leaves only 1 Paladin to contest my zone. This surprised me and I decided to capitalize on it.

When I saw Justin's placement I quickly used run/charges and Energizer to shift my entire battlegroup toward my friendly zone so I can hopefully start scoring on Turn 2. I test to see how far 20" is from Harbinger's feat by moving the Widowmakers and I end up losing 2 to auto hit POW 14. Luckily I make the command check. 

The Kayazy's know better and just move up 1-2" and are safe from Harby's feat but are not able to threaten alpha strike. I kind of thought Justin was going to pop his feat on Turn 2 instead of Turn 1 but I guess it didn't matter because it basically made me skip a turn with my units either way.

Ruin and Juggernaut actually take a POW 14 from the feat when moving but only took small damage.

End of Round 2

By the end of Round 2 I was feeling confident about winning on scenario. Justin He shifts his army to his friendly zone and leaves nothing but an Impervious Wall'ed Paladin (Only can be damaged by Magical Weapons and Spells) to contest my zone.

On my turn I am able to use Butcher and his magical axe, Lola, to kill the Paladin and then position the jacks with Energizer to set them up to block the zone from the Bastions.

Mark 1 point - Justin 0 points

The game continues on and Justin's takes a long turn. The pressure of Deathclock is weighing down on him and he starts to make minor mistakes. On his last turn he sets up the Juggernaut to be charged by Bastions but in the middle of their activation, decides to switch gears and try to take out the Kayazy Assassins in his zone. He did this because he realized that the Kayazys have Kill Stoke which gives them acrobatics (lets them move through other models once per game) and are threatening assassinating Harbinger. He takes quite a while to finish which puts him down to about 5 minutes on the clock to my 20 min.

In the crunch he forgets to contest my zone bumping me up to 2 points at the end of his turn. If he had contested, it would have bought him another round.

On my turn I use Kill Stroke and use my Parry skilled Kayazy Assassins to move through other models and position myself to contest the zone. I position it so i can also it's hard to kill the entire unit so I can plan to contest again the next round. I forget about the 5" AOE auto-hit Cataclysm Harby has with her 10 focus.

I am able to kill the Bastion that was close to contesting the zone and end my turn scoring another control point.

Mark 3 point - Justin 2 points

End of the game

Justin focuses on contesting my zone and starts to move both units of Bastions into my zone. With the Rough Terrain he is only able to get one in and I have to figure out a way to deal with it. Normally you can just kill him but there are 2 problems. One is Sanguine Bond which allows the Bastions to spread damage among the unit which is basically 40 boxes of ARM 16 and then on top of that the second problem is Harbinger's Martyrdom which can keep other warrior models alive and kicking as long as she has boxes to transfer damage to.

Harby was able to to deal with all the Kayazy using Cataclysm which is a 5" AOE auto hit and causes them to fail their command check bumping him up to 2 points.

On my turn I end up allocating 3 focus to Juggernaut and 3 to Ruin. With the two problems posed above I decide that instead of killing the Bastion, I need to throw him out of the zone. I've never done a throw in a game ever so this was pretty new to me. I end up boosting to hit with a MAT 8 vs. DEF 11 and then using my STR 12 vs. his STR 7 I was able to chuck him 6" away.

I then charged my opponent's objective with the Juggernaut with 3 focus and at POW 19 I was able to 1 shot the objective with a roll of 15 Damage bringing me to a total of 5 control points.

Mark 5 point - Justin 2 points

This was a really stressful match for me because it was my first tournament game and also my first timed match ever. I only ended up killing 1 Bastion and 1 Paladin but I figured that's how it would go down because of Harbinger's model protection tricks. I had to rely on adaptation and positioning well to win the game instead of a slugfest which he would have won.

This allows me to move into the next round of games!

Final Thoughts

Practicing vs Harbinger before the tournament really helped me understand that I could not beat her traditionally. I didn't attack once with my Kayazy the entire game and just used them to contest his zone to swing the point favor to me which a lot of people don't really expect. Justin did a real great job of taking them out with Cataclysm. Fortunately, he was under pressure with the Deathclock and had to make quick decisions which I was able to capitalize on.

It was a great game and I'm excited/nervous to play my next one!

My First Tournament - Khador List Discussion - Butcher 3 & Old Witch

GMI Warmachine Steamroller 2015 Tournament

In front of GMI Games. Getting ready for the tournament!

Hey guys! I just got back from my very first local Warmachine Tournament held at GMI Games in Riverside CA. I was pretty nervous because I didn't know what to expect since I only started playing in public 2 weeks ago but I was really excited to battle against some new opponents. 

I debated on taking Circle but ended up bringing Khador because I wanted to represent The Motherland and smash things with with shiny axes. In this post I will talk about the two list I brought and my thoughts on them.

The two lists I brought for the 35 point 2015 Steamroller were:

Kill Stroked (35 Points)
Warcaster: Butcher 3 (-4)
Warcaster Unit: War Argus x2 (+2)
Warcaster Attachment: War Dog (+1)
Warjack: Ruin (+10)
Warjack: Juggernaut (+7)
Unit: Kayazy Assassins (+8)
Unit Attachment: Kayazy Assassin Underboss (+2)
Unit: Widowmakers (+4)
Solo: Widowmaker Marksman (+2)
Solo: Saxon Orrik (+2)
Solo: Ogrun Bokur (+3)

The anchor piece is definitely Butcher 3. If I can piece trade and take out the threats to Butcher, there will be nothing to kill him and I will control the game. Ruin is so awesome with any Butcher because he charges for free with +2 movement and Pathfinder. He can also wipe out large chunk of infantry because of Soul Taker and the Dispel on his Black Iron Mace.

Juggernaut is just a cheap beefy jack that I can threaten with.

The backbone of this list are the Kayazy Assassins. They do so much work! Once per game they will make your opponent think super hard when positioning because they can use Kill Stroke and move through models. Saxon gets them through rough terrain.

Widowmakers and Marksman are there to clear lanes for Ruin and Butcher. while the Ogrun Boker is there in case I have to deal with something with a huge cannon.

The list has high armor and high defense mixed in. It poses a lot of questions for my opponents:

Can I handle Stealth?
Can I handle DEF 14 ARM 24?
Will Dispel ruin my entire plan?
Can I handle fast Pathfinder Units?
Can I handle Shield Guard?

My second list is more of a control list. I debated on taking pVlad/Conquest but decided to settle for Old Witch.

Into The Woods (35 Points)
Warcaster: Old Witch (-3)
Warcaster Warjack: Scrapjack
Warjack: Behemoth (+13)
Unit: Kayazy Assassins (+8)
Unit Attachment: Kayazy Assassin Underboss (+2)
Unit: Winter Guard Infantry (+6)
Unit Attachment: Winter Guard Officer & Standard (+2)
Unit Weapon Attachment: Winter Guard Infantry Rocketeer x2 (+2)
Solo: Eiryss, Angel of Retribution (+3)
Solo: Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich (+2)

This list is more of a block your opponent out of the zone and slow them down kind of list. I like utilizing Unseen Path and have the Old Witch jump across the map to score points. I also have the Winter Guard Death Star in case I ran into Cryx

Behemoth is there to drop bombs on infantry and possibly get shots into the opposing caster.

I am not too comfortable in playing this list but I thought it would be tricky for my opponents.

So those are my two lists! I will write a battle report of the games I had during the tournament :)


Friday, September 18, 2015

My First Warmachine Tournament on Saturday!

GMI Games is having a small 35 point Steamroller 2015 Tournament this Saturday (9/19/15) from 11:00 till someone is declared a victor.
This will be my first tournament, if my wife lets me.
GMI Games
8300 Limonite Avenue, Suite F
Riverside, CA 92509
Phone Number: (951) 681-8270

I am still playing around with a few list but I'm most likely bringing Khador. Circle is the faction I am best at but I also want to win something for the Motherland! Khador is tricky for me because I need something to pair with Butcher 3. I'm stuck between pVlad or pSorscha. I'll posts list later today.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Khador vs. Mercs - Butcher 3 vs. Drake MacBain (35 Points)

Tonight was the second time I delved deep into the world of miniature table top wargaming, or as normal people call it, playing with my little plastic friends. Rob, the owner of Table Ready Terrain ( found me on Facebook and challenged me to a 35 point Steamroller 2015 match up.

For this game we played Outflank which has 2x circular zones that can be controlled for 1 point or dominated for 2.

Rob from Table Ready Terrain getting ready to deploy after winning the starting roll.

For my list I decided to bring Khador and flex my Butcher 3 muscles. He is definitely a fun caster to play but has his share of bad anti magic match ups.

Khador - Butcher 3 - Butcher Unleashed

Warcaster: Butcher 3  (-4)
Warcaster Unit: War Argus
Warcaster Unit: War Argus
Warcaster Attachment: War Dog (+1)
Warjack: Ruin (+10)
Warjack: Juggernaut (+7)
Unit: Kayazy Assassins (+8)
Unit Attachment: Kayazy Underboss (+2)
Unit: Aiyana & Holt (+4)
Solo: Saxon Orrik (+2)
Solo: Widowmaker Marksman (+2)
Solo: Ogrun Bokur (+3)

Butcher is the driving force in this list. He won't start the fight but he sure will end it. The goal is to use the Juggernaut to initiate a piece trade and end that transaction with Butcher smashing face. The Kayazy are MAT 9 with Gang and DEF 16 in melee. They are there to jam while Aiyana & Holt are there to assist them against higher ARM. The Ogrun is just for security because Butcher sometimes gets shot off the table. Shield Guard allows him to dodge a silver bullet.

Mercenaries - Drake Macbain

Warcaster: Drake MacBain  (-4)
Collosal: Galleon (+18)
Unit: Press Gangers (+6)
Solo: Bosun Grogspar (+2)
Solo: Wrong Eye(+9)
Warbeast Snapjaw(+9)
Warbeast: Bullsnapper (+3)
Solo: Master Gunner Dougal MacNaile (+2)

Rob brought a Galleon ARM skew list. MacBain's Fail Safe (+2 Armor, Warjack doesn't suffer crippled effects) and the Bullsnapper's Spiny Growth (+2 Arm) brings the ARM total of the Galleon to an impressive 23. The Press Gangers are there to jam and buy time while the Galleon drags heavies to their scrap metal death.

Rob wins the roll and elects to go first

Rob casts Fail Safe on the Galleon and runs everyone up. He ends his turn with casting Spiny Growth on the Galleon making his ARM total 23.

On my turn I run most of my units up but I cast Energize with Butcher 3 to get my battlegroup and Warjacks up 3 more inches. I almost screw everything up because I forgot that Ruin had Abomination instead of Terror which forced command checks on my Kayazy and Ogrun Bokur. Lucky for me they both passed. 

After that debacle I offer up the Juggernaut to the Galleon hoping he'll spend a turn killing it while I set up Ruin and Butcher for a counter attack. I tried to block the Juggernaut from being dragged by some Kayazy and the War Argus but forgot the Galleon had blast damage on his rapid fire guns.

End of Turn 1

Rob upkeeps Fail Safe on the Galleon and allocates it 3 focus. He then charges in with his Press Gangers but unfortunately isn't able to kill any Kayazy. He then activates Galleon and after a 3rd party confirmation and a laser line check, he is able to drag the Juggernaut to his death. He ends the turn casting Spiny Growth on the Galleon.

Yes! He took the bait! Now I just have to close the deal... but wait... am I too far? Uhh... I think I'm just a hair shy from Ruin and Butcher wreaking havoc on him! I activate Aiyana & Holt and cast Kiss of Lyliss on the Galleon but I'm about a half inch too far and miss. I am able to kill the Bullsnapper with Holt though which really helps. My plan was to get the -2 ARM Debuff on Galleon and charge in Ruin to remove Fail Safe, then finish him off with the Butcher. Unfortunately, I have to activate Butcher first and cast Energizer to make sure I am in charge range for everyone.

Butcher then charges and I roll incredibly bad on 6 hits, not damaging any systems. I have 3 focus left after popping my feat and I have a decision to make. Should I spend the 3 and take a shot at killing the Galleon and then set myself up to be Ganged by MacBain? No. I decide to camp the last 3 focus. 

I activate Ruin and he charges in with 3 focus. I almost forgot about Dispel on his weapon but that was crucial to remove Fail Safe. After Ruin's activation, Galleon has a crippled Left Side but still has his massive Trident.

I pop the Kayazy mini feat and charge them through the Press Gangers and get a couple shots at the Galleon only doing about 5-6 damage to him. I run the War Dog and Ogrun Bokur to help the Butcher against his final stand and end my turn. 

I do end up moving into position and scoring 1 point for controlling one of the zones.

Mark 1 - Rob 0

Mercenary Turn 3

Rob goes in the think tank for quite a while. He's trying to decide the best way to handle the situation. The War Dog is a huge problem for him as it bumps Butcher's defense to 16. In the end he decides to allocate 3 to Galleon and smash away. He boosts to hit on all of his shots and hits 2 out of 3 leaving Butcher on 6 health. He then buys 3 Jackhammer shots needing hard 10s to hit and misses them all.

He moves his Press Gangers in and try to take out the Kayazy but fail. He also tries to charge Bosun Grogspar at Butcher but eats 2 free strikes from the Kayazy and dies. Wrong Eye and Snapjaw are able to handle Ruin and leave him a steaming pile of wreck marker. MacBain, sensing impending doom, moves back since the scenario is not Killbox and ends his turn.

Mark 2 - Rob 0

On my turn, instead of risking being left wide open after killing the Galleon I decided to wipe out the Press Gangers instead. Those nasty pirates tough the hell out of their rolls and force me to use everything I've got. In anti-climactic fashion I am able to kill over half his unit forcing him to make a tough check. They fail and there's no one to contest the zone. I simply toe the zone with Butcher and dominate for 2 points and have Aiyana & Holt with the Widowmaker Marksman control the other bringing my total to a game winning 5 points.

Mark 5 - Rob 0

End of the Game - Khador Victory by Scenario

Overall a very good game. It could have gone either way with just a simple dice spike. Rob did a hell of a job almost killing Butcher. I got pretty lucky on making the call to camp the 3 focus instead of trying to finish off the Galleon because without it, Rob would have had exactly enough to kill Butcher.

Final Thoughts

I made a couple of huge mistakes this game. My first mistake was thinking Ruin had Terror instead of Abomination and forcing myself to make command checks on both my own Kayazy and Ogrun Bokur.

The second mistake is that I placed 2 Kayazy base to base with the Juggernaut trying to stop the drag, forgetting that the Galleon had AOE which wiped them out like nothing when the attack targeted my easy to hit Juggernaut.

I wouldn't change too much of the list at 35 points. If I were playing this in a two list pairing for Steamroller I might take out Aiyana & Holt so I can get better use out of them in another list. I'm pretty comfortable with the Kayazy and their mini feat really catches a lot of people off guard and is hard to plan for. I could try Iron Fang Black Dragons but that isn't my play style. I could also switch for some Nyss Hunters but lately I haven't had too much luck with them other than just being a contesting jam unit. I might put in the Widowmakers instead to help clear a path for Butcher and his Jacks.

I do love Butcher 3 and his pups. There's a tournament at GMI Games on Saturday and if I go I'll most likely play him with either pVlad, pSorcha, or Old Witch. There's a lot of Trolls in the Inland Empire meta though so I need heavy hitters.

Till next week!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

GMI Games - Tuesday Warmachine Night

We are headed off to GMI again tonight. Last week was quite fun. We were all a little nervous because it was the first time playing outside of the office or the comforts of someone's home.

Here's me, Mark, holding up my new baby THE GALLEON. I got to play him twice that night!

Here's Austin setting up for his game vs. a store regular, Kevin. He brought Siege and was sprayed to death with pFeora.

I got to play a game with Ryan and he brought pBorka. He was real close to an attrition victory but Bart's feat held him back and I was able to get the scenario win.

It was a great night. There were only 3 other Waramchine players there but when I posted on the forums, a couple contacted me for games. We are leaving for GMI at around 4:45pm today and hopefully we'll see you guys there!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Model Spotlight - Pirate Queen Skarre (pSkarre) - Cryx

Today we have a guest blogger, Ryan who plays Cryx and Trolls in our game group. Today he's got a great write up on pSkarre.

Ryan - So we're back in business after the summer lull and Mark baby-proofing his house. I figured I'd start things off a quick run-down of one of my favorite casters before we get some battle reports in later this week (HOPEFULLY). Rather than the typical Gaspy or Denny run-down that most cryx players love to drool over and flaunt, my first real caster I started playing when I joined the undead legion was PSkarre. This, with the models I had at the time, was not a fun experience. Eventually I learned that Skarre really requires some key pieces in order for her to do what she does well, but man oh man does she can get it done like a real Cryx caster when those pieces fall into place.
Let's look at the card rundown before getting into the heavy thinking.

Basic Stats:

FOCUS:   So we're one less than we are used to working with when it comes to Cryx casters but being a cryx caster, there's some other powers at work here but you can basically consider her to be the same as Gaspy and Denny in this department (see Ritual Sacrifice).  Skarre really likes her focus so having some of our friendly self-sustaining jacks (Seether/DJ) can always help take some of the pressure off Skarre to share.

SPD:  She's got the moves, she can move, she should move. She's not supposed to be knee-deep in the action but she can (and should) be positioned around the board as need be. Get her close for the variety of reasons you'll see further in but make sure you keep her safe. She is not made to take hits like Butcher or Kromac but given the chance she can swing just like them.

STR:  Again, not bad. She can dish it out when she needs to but given that she has only melee weapons, this is to be considered the minimum. She can (and should) put the hurt on any infantry that happen to cross her path...but going toe to toe with colossals or heavy jacks should be something under controlled circumstances.

MAT:   Solid for being a melee caster. This is a nice middle-ground MAT that can go the distance but will need some help if you want to swing at those pesky Trenchers or Kayazy jerk-faces. Boosting can be necessary but not always the right call with the tricks Skarre has up her sleeves.

No ranged weapons, no need for no stinkin RAT. Movin' on

Solid, this is what you are counting on to keep Skarre on the table. Infantry are going to have a hard time cracking this so you'll generally be safe until you run into something that can boost (Jacks, Beasts, and Casters). I've gotten lucky and a bad roll on your opponents 3 dice can be great, but luck will only save your butt so many times. 

You are just as tough as your Banes but you don't have the chance to get back up when you get killed. If you see someone running their infantry right through your bane thralls and laughing all the way, Skarre doesn't want any piece of trading blows with that. Be the sneaky cryx player you should be and try to avoid using this stat as much as you can (unless you are stacking a ton of focus, but where's the fun in that??)

Weapons: So no ranged weapon but that's not a huge loss considering the lovely combo Skarre brings to the table with her "weapons". No reach means if you are swinging it's going to be up close and personal, no toeing the line with this caster. I've gone ahead and listed them in the ideal order you'll be using them on targets that need more than one hit to go down. You don't have any combo strike so remember that you should change your order and priorities depending on what (or whom) you are swinging at.

Great Rack:  This is the money maker, most people will ever see it coming but they sure don't forget it once they have. Knockdown on hit means you don't even have to do damage with it to reap the rewards. If you are playing footsie with a jack or caster, boost to hit and you'll have them flat on their backs waiting for you to bring the pain.

Takkaryx:  The biggest POW Skarre can throw from her melee weapons, it doesn't seem like much but the Life Trader on it lets her cut for one damage and throw an extra dice on damage. This is not boosting. So for 1 damage and 1 focus, Skarre is swinging with a POW 13 + 4D6 without charging. Did you hear that? I think Khador just started crying in the corner. It may not be the best idea to throw Skarre at heavies and casters, but oh man is it sweet when the opportunity presents itself.

Bloodwyrm: Say the dice are being quite wrathful to you on a given day (see what I did there?) and you just can't seem to cut someone down and are hurting a bit after all that cutting you did, Bloodwyrm has got your back. Life Drinker is the neglected sibling to Life Trader but still can pull your butt out of the fire. Kill a living model with the POW 9 and heal D3 damage boxes. Skarre is big on the pain with her feat and Life Trader so this can be a nice way to get back some of those wounds. Being that this one weapon needs to kill something living for it to work, consider this the cherry on the Skarre sundae: it's nice but you're not ordering a whole sundae just for the cherry.

Special Abilities:  Aside from the plethora of abilities on her "weapons", Skarre has one very fun ability that is so Cryxian you'll want to use a Bond villain laugh when you use it. I know I have.

Sacrifical Strike: This ability is just plain weird but I'll be damned if it won't win you games. This is a star action (Mark can put the symbol in here or something) so you're giving up all your initial attack to use this. If you are actually using it, it's worth it.

So here's the breakdown of how you do this:
  • Step 1: You pick a target within 9'' of Skarre (unless her CMD has been affected somehow, not sure if it's possible but we're going to assume it hasn't happened in this instance) and that she has Line Of Sight to
  • Step 2:  After your opponent stops crying after realizing what you are doing, you argue and prove that the target is both within range and has Line Of Sight.
  • Step 3: Choose a friendly faction model within 1'' of Skarre to be the sacrificial cannonball. This model does not have to be completely within so as long as part of the base is there, you are good to go.
  • Step 4: If you played the previous steps correctly, whatever the BASE armor of your sacrifice was just became the POW of your damage roll against your target. This hits automatically and is an ability so feel free to target anything with Spell Ward or other annoying abilities. Also, it's boostable damage so it's going to hurt even if you use something with a lower armor.
  • Step 5: Profit
  • This is your ace in the hole. If your opponent doesn't really know about it, just ignore it for the first two turns and bide your time patiently like a land shark or one of those other animals that would be good at poker. One you get that sliver of base you unleash your wrath and throw a boostable POW pain while laughing manically and explain what's happening like the true Bond villain you are. The lowest you'll be throwing will probably be a POW 12 but if you're feeling frisky and leave a bane thrall near Skarre or bring her up near them, that's a POW 15 right in someones face....good times.
Spells: Skarre's got spells, she doesn't have the focus to really sling spells...normally. I've gone and put this in the order of how often I use them from most to least. But that doesn't mean a well placed hellfire hasn't basically won me a game before, a list like this is versatile and there will always be a spell you could be casting to make your situation on the board better in some way. I have spells I like but I've learned that knowing how to apply my toolkit makes it much more useful (especially against players like Mark).

Ritual Sacrifice: This is the big solution when it comes to Skarre, she is not afraid to consider her units as expendable between Sacrificial Strike and this. This spell is also the main reason you bring a Skarlock (yeah, this was a game changer when someone filled me in on that). You pick a sacrifice within 6'' of the caster, as long as it's a friendly warrior model it's all good (undead are totally fine targets, which is really nice). We've had discussions and the internet seemed to tell us after you cast and make the sacrifice, you roll a D6 and Skarre gets that much extra focus next turn. This effectively makes Skarre have at least 7 FOCUS to play with on a given turn. Also, no one can touch that focus the turn you cast the sacrifice, so suck it Eiryss.

Backlash: This one is situational but I'll be damned if it ain't a boat load of fun when the opportunity comes to use it. Costs as much as all her other offensive spells, Skarre targets a jack within 8'' and (pending this hits) whenever that jack takes ANY damage, it's controller takes 1 as well. This is unavoidable for the caster, there is no getting out of it unless they get rid of backlash. I have caused some great trouble for opponents with this and corrosion along with other fun tricks.
Few things to note on Backlash: Make sure you know which jack is tied to whom, I've wasted this on hurting JWC's because I didn't get clarification on who was tied to which jack. Don't count on Corrosion to do all the work for you on a high armor jack, if you aren't throwing other sources of damage to make use of this the focus could have been better spent elsewhere. This does stack with the Satyxis Raider's Feedback (which literally does the same thing on their whip attacks). I love using this on Colossals when I know I'm going to be putting some hurt on with a big hitter, good for at least 3-5 damage on my opponents caster.

Dark Guidance: This spell is my dump when I really have no use for my focus and I'm not really under any threats of being hurt. It shouldn't always be a priority but it's never going to hurt you having it up and running. Highest cost Skarre has for spells at 4, all friendly faction models (sorry Mercs) get an extra die to hit with melee attacks this TURN. No bonus on your opponents turn from this one. If you like your banes and ghost raiders, this spell will keep you in a good mood. Mechanithralls become a serious threat under this. Tarpits become wheat for the harvest as your units just stroll right through whatever gets in their way.

Bloodrain: Standard Cryx infantry killer spell. AoE 3 with a POW 12 means anything you can manage to hit with that FOC 6 that is one wound, will be a pool of melted something when you are done.  Anything not one wound gets Corrosion if they are hit by it. This can be nice for messing with tarpits and such if you aren't super high DEF but it doesn't leave any cloud like Gaspy so it's not quite as good as it looks on paper.

Hellfire: This is a spell you've probably seen before, both pGaspy and Venethrax throw this around as well. POW 14 at the same cost as Bloodrain with a couple extra inches on the range. Hit a model in a unit that isn't fearless and they have to make a command check. This can be really nice once you've gotten the hang of the game and know how you want the board to look at the end of your turn. Fleeing models don't engage and can't make free strikes, you can walk whatever you want (units, a jack, a ticker tape parade) and they can't do squat until they rally on your opponent's turn (sometimes they still don't and it's wonderful). Play around with this if you don't already and get a hang for those times when your enemy pokes their units out a little too far and they need to be taught a lesson.


Blood Magic (super-spooky-make-your-opponents-cry-time):
So Skarre, in typical Skarre fashion, takes UP TO 5 damage. For each point of damage she takes in this manner, Friendly Faction models (no mercs, no minions) get +1 STR and ARM for a round. So on both your turn and your opponents everything within 12" that is Cryx gets a bonus to STR and ARM.

I love this feat, it is one of those wonderful feats that just fucks up someones day no matter when you cast it. More often I tend to cast this feat defensively but getting that opportunity to use it on the alpha strike is just so superb. Cryx hits fairly hard so don't be afraid to take this feat to keep your stuff alive while your opponent flails like a sissy against ARM 20 banes or hopes for splash damage of POW 6 or 8 to kill your ARM 18 Bile Thralls. I've never not used this feat at a full 5. Something like this should always go at full blow, especially if you have a ton of extra focus coming your way (a solid 6 roll on Ritual Sacrifice means you can heal all that damage back and still have 7 focus coming next turn).

Final Thoughts

As I said, Skarre is a party animal but she needs units to keep her going. First thing she NEEDS (and I stress this need massively) is a Necrosurgeon and Stitch Thralls. The necrosurgeon gets a D6 heal on Skarre without a skill check if they are B2B (Base to Base). I don't really run mechanithralls so I usually sacrifice the stitch thralls for focus or the occasional POW 12 to some poor souls face. Skarre can put some real hurt on herself if you let her and she really wants to throw that focus around the board instead of healing herself so this unit can go a long way to making sure your opponent needs more than a stiff breeze to take her down after a couple turns of fun. The second unit that I always include is a Skarlock Thrall. Once I discovered he can cast Ritual Sacrifice for Skarre, that's all he usually does. he sits back with the stitch thralls and eats them for the first three turns so I get my focus and Skarre gets to do what she wants with it. Though the only thing the Skarlock can't cast is Dark Guidance, which means you shouldn't be afraid to sneak in a Hellfire or Backlash  if the opportunity arises.
*I had someone recently fill me in from a game played that the Satyxis Raider Captain's "No Sleeping on the Job" actually extends to ESkarre, so throwing her in and keeping her within command range of Skarre means immunity to knockdown, fun fact

The biggest drawback you're going to have with Skarre is working all your fun inside her 12'' control area. You only need your stuff within it since your feat is a buff, but it does mean anything you want to make sure is buffed is not going to be spread across the board and she's not going to be hiding by your own table edge. I find an arc node or two can help spread the love around when you've got the focus to throw and no prime targets are stepping up to her directly but jacks that can make their own means of pain (Seether/DJ) really seem to shine in her lists. DJ has had some real fun throwing Hellfire and then trampling right through some poor unit to whatever he thinks is really in need of a hug. Overall I run melee heavy with Skarre so Dark Guidance is making sure my hits are hitting and just have fun scaring my opponent with her many threats and feat. She's a hybrid melee/support caster that never lacks for making the opportunities you need if you know how to exploit them. Also, charging Satyxis Raiders with UA/Captain Solo + Backlash on a colossal, your opponent will shit bricks. (Learn to combine those CMA's with horns and 1 whip so you still get Feedback as well)

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