Friday, October 23, 2015

DIY Terrain: Gnarly Tree - Circle of Orboros Devastation Objective - Effigy of the Devourer

Hey guys! Here is a quick DIY terrain tutorial on how I made a giant gnarly tree out paper, aluminum foil, and tons of glue.

Circle Orboros Objective for the Devastation Event

I tried a couple other ways to make a gnarly tree using real tree branches but it never seemed to look right. I tried using foam as well but it didn't give me the texture I wanted.

I was looking through the kitchen for something I could use and I stumbled upon some Aluminum Foil.

Tree shaping with Aluminum Foil

STEP 1: Create the Base & Trunk - For the base, I used an old CD and coated it with Tacky Glue and covered it with sand. I used crunched up paper for the bulk of the tree and then wrapped aluminum foil around it to make the trunk.

STEP 2: Make Branches and Roots - For the branches I just rolled out long and short pieces of aluminum foil and glued them where they would look cool. I then used a hot glue gun to seal all the edges so it wouldn't fall apart.

Coating the tree with glue

STEP 3: Coating it with Glue - The tree needed something because the foil had too many sharp edges so I decided to coat the entire thing in Tacky Glue in hopes it would blend everything together. This was a really messy process and took about 10 hours to dry completely.
  Tree primed black

STEP 4: Prime & Painting - I had some left over spray paint and primed the tree black. After that dried I did some dry brushing of grays and browns to give it color.

Here's a picture with the finished tree. I didn't have any Circle Orboros units at the office so I just took a picture with Ruin.

Here's another picture of the completed tree. It was quite fun to make and hopefully will help me win another coin at the Devastation Event!

Effigy of the Devourer 

Inspire Devastation:
Friendly faction models gain an additional die on magic damage rolls targeting enemy models within 10" of this model.

Incite Bloodlust: An enemy model that begins its activation within 8" of this model must run or charge during its activation. An enemy model that cannot run or charge during its activation ignores this effect.

Stats: 5 Defense, 20 Armor, 40 Life.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

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