Friday, March 27, 2015

Ghetorix Conversion

Ghetorix conversion unpainted

Lately I've been really trying to alter my models and re-position them into more unique stances. I had a good time spiffying up the boring old Ghetorix and adding a little more personality. 

The first and most difficult thing to do was to cut off the bottom hand using a diagonal cutter. This took a bit of snipping and sanding to remove the hand but I think it came out pretty good.

The next part was to decide which arms to go on Ghetorix. I chose the Left Arm from a Stalker and the Right Arm of a Pureblood to achieve the pose.

I also wanted to put something cool in the open hand. I tried fitting an extra Shredder but it looked more like he was holding a pet. I finally decided on using the head of a Carnivean because I had extras and I'm never going to run two of them at once.

After that, I primed everything black, put a coating of dark brown, then dry brushed light brown and painted all the important bits silver, gold, and white with a touch of red.

There you have it! My converted Ghetorix holding a decapitated head of a Carnivean :) My new favorite model!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Battle Lesson - eLylyth vs. eKreoss - Steamroller 2015 Close Quarters (35 Points)

eLylyth  vs. eKreoss


eLylyth and her Batttlegroup filled with Ravagores and an Angelius move into position to set up an assassination attempt against eKreoss. Their plan failed because eKreoss quickly moved behind large boulders that littered the battlefield and used them as cover, never giving them an opportunity to strike. 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Battle Lesson - pIrusk vs. eFeora

pIrusk using Battle Lust to put an end to pFeora and her fire shenanigans 

This was a 35 point Steamroller 2015 scenario: Two Fronts

'Come On Baby Light Me on Fire' (35 Points)

Warcaster: pFeora - Feat: Sets all enemies in her control area on fire. Engine of Destruction + Ignite
Warjack: Avatar of Menoth - Generates own focus, Reach, Menoth's Gaze
Warjack: Crusader - Efficient low cost beat stick
Unit: Choir - Protection for Warjacks against ranged attacks + Battle Hym
Unit: Exemplar Errants + UA - Great unit with Self Sacrifice, Magical ranged weapons + Weapon Master
Solo: Heirophant - Heals and makes one of your Warcaster's spells 1 cheaper
Solo: Dartan Vilmon - Impervious Wall + Stone and Mortar Stance + Weapon Master + High MAT
Solo: Paladin of the Order of the Wall - Dartan Vilmon's cheaper weaker brother
Solo: Vassal Mechanik - Jack fixer
Solo: Covenant of Menoth - Enemies can't cast spells within its command area + give a unit continuous fire.
Solo: Exemplar Errant Seneschal - Gives Errants Hunter
Objective: Bunker - Reduces damage from raged attacks + protects from blast damage

The goal for this list was to take the enemy flag out with the Exemplar Errants and use Self Sacrifice to reduce the effects of the opponent's counter-charge. When everyone is clumped up, pFeora will pop her feat and take out all the enemy infantry nits with continuous fire. The Avatar and Crusader are there to deal with all the Heavies.

'M. Bison Psycho Crusher' (35 Points)

Warcaster: pIrusk - Feat: boosts all warrior model's attack + gives them a 4+ tough roll
Warjack: Behemoth - 14'' Arching cannons and armor piercing fists
Unit: Winterguard Death Star (UA + Kovnik Joe) - High defense with buffs + Tough + Spray + CRA
Unit: Kayazy Assassins + UA - Stealth, Gang, Charge through models
Unit: Widowmakers - Sniper unit
Solo: Widowmaker Marksmen - Super Sniper
Solo: War Dog - Protects pIrusk

Objective: Arcane Wonder - Free upkeep if within 4"

The goal for this list was to buff up the units and wait till the Kayazy get a shot at the Warcaster

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Butcher Character Warjack: Ruin *SPOILED!

Kill Shot - Kromac Decapitates pFeora

Kromac makes a comeback and assassinates pFeora

What I learned:

If you are playing too timid in Steamroller scenarios and not worried about holding zones, your opponent will slam, push, pull, throw and force you to move your precious units into unfavorable positions so you don't lose to points causing you to lose the game instead through attrition or assassination.

Feora was definitely up on attrition but was forced to move too close because Circle was up on points and would win on the next turn if she didn't. This allowd for Kromac to beast out and assassinate her to snatch victory from her cold dead hands.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Battle Report - Mangled Metal Arena FFA - Cygnar vs. Cryx vs. Khador

Hey guys! Today we bring you a Battle Report for a Mangled Metal Arena game scenario that we're play testing. What is Mangled Metal Arena you ask? It's a battlefield that comes to life and tries to destroy you! We've come up with 6 random events that happen once each round after everyone has activated.
  1. The Arena fills up with Shallow Water (Movement cut in half, Jacks Knocked Down have their fire put out) 
  2. 3 acid clouds will form in the center of the arena, players will deviate each acid cloud with an additional die for distance (Each cloud will be a standard 3" AoE, but will grow 1" each turn until it reaches 5", after which they will expire
  3. All models within 4" of the Arena walls will be set on fire (This will be a standard fire damage roll that gives cont. fire to models hit) 
  4. All models within 4" of the center of the Arena are hit with electricity (Pow 10 with disruption) 
  5. 3 clouds will form in the center of the Arena, models that end their turns in the clouds will be stationary for one turn (Freezing rules/damage) 
  6. Depending on the number of players participating, place a shredder model at each player's starting location. Shredders will automatically frenzy each round and will continue to do as such until they are destroyed. Shredders can attack each other if no other targets are available. 
The winner is the last Warcaster standing!

Let's check out everyone's lists:

Starting Positions

Saturday, March 7, 2015

DIY - Round Battlefield Terrain Tutorial

In my never ending quest to find a way to make 3 Players viable in a tactical miniatures game, I have decided to make a round battlefield that will have 3 equal starting points.

1) The first step is to find a good piece of wood. I purchased some OSB at Home Depot which is actually crappy wood but it's cheap. They're about $9 and they come 4' x 8' which is perfect because you can make two 4' x 4' battlefields with it.
2) This was the slightly tricky part. I put a nail in the exact center of the board, tied a string to it and tied the other end to a Sharpie. I used it as a compass to draw my giant circle. I then cut it out using a jigsaw.
3) After giving the entire surface a good sanding with 80 grit, I mix up some Durham's Rockhard Putty ($8 at Home Depot)
4) Once I got a good consistency for the tan mush I slathered it on the surface of the arena to create some texture. It really helps give it some depth when you paint it.

Friday, March 6, 2015

How Many Ravagores Does it Take to Kill a Stormwall?

I'm really too lazy to do the math so I'm going to post this on the Privateer Press Forums and then post the answer here. 'Merica.

Here's a link to the PP Forum Thread

Mini Battle Report - What Do You Call Rolling Three 1's? Triple Snake Eyes?

Played a little morning game today with Khador vs. Legion. The scenario was the Steamroller 2015 Out Flank which is pretty simple: 1 point if you Control a zone and 2 points if you Dominate a zone. No Killbox and no Objectives. As simple as it gets.

Let's take a look at the armies:

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Battle Lesson - Don't Be Greedy!

Khador (pButcher) vs. Legion of Everblight (eLylyth)

I got greedy and I screwed up. On eLylyth's feat turn (Battlegroup gains +4 RNG and a free Ranged Attack) I decided to inflict maximum damage instead of protecting myself which cost me the game.

I could have cast Shadow Pact (Gives all Battlegroup Stealth) and won the game through attrition but she decided to spend her focus killing off meaningless Man-O-War Bombardier units instead of ensuring victory. 

Not giving myself Stealth was the reason I lost the game because after wiping out 3 Shocktroopers, 2 Bombadiers, and The Behemoth, Khador was able to advance pButcher within 10" and cast Obliterate + Boost Attack + Boost Damage + Feat (1 additional damage die) and one-shot eLylyth.

So lesson learned. Don't be greedy! Don't put yourself in danger unless it means winning the game. Always ask how your opponent can kill you on his turn and then adapt to it.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wrath Math - Can Kreoss2 Kill Stormwall?

My hate for Stormwall grows and I've sworn to destroy him as ostentatiously as possible. 

When I'm down 4 points in Scenario and need a Hail Mary charge to save me from humiliation I want to know 3 things.

  • Can I One-Shot my target? (Because it's awesome)
  • Is there any chance of me killing my target if I am super lucky?
  • What are my chances of killing on average dice?

I've been having to fight Stormwall a lot recently and I really need to know the math behind destroying it efficiently. So today I ask:

Can Kreoss2 Kill Stormwall?

Wrath Math - Can Kromac Kill Stormwall?

When I'm down 4 points in Scenario and need a Hail Mary charge to save me from humiliation I want to know 3 things. 
  • Can I One-Shot my target? (Because it's awesome)
  • Is there any chance of me killing my target if I am super lucky?
  • What are my chances of killing on average dice?

I've been having to fight Stormwall recently and I really need to know the math behind destroying it efficiently. So today I ask:

Can Kromac Kill Stormwall?

Now, I love Kromac. I make weird noises when I play him. My problem is that I think he can do more than he actually can sometimes and I charge him into situations only loaded dice can handle. It's probably not the best idea to attack a Stormwall with Kromac but it's sure fun to try.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Kromac vs. pButcher 35 Point Skirmish

Kromac vs. pButcher

Quick little skirmish between Kromac and pButcher that ended with the Druids pulling pButcher closer when he thought he was out of reach and then Kromac jumping at him in Altered Beast mode assassinating him.

What I learned:

  • Kromac's charge threat is 11" (9 for charge and 2 for reach)
  • Kromac can leap 5" after making a full advance giving him a 13" threat range with reach.
  • Druids extend Kromac's threat range to 15"+
  • Megalith and Pureblood are pretty pillow fisted and had trouble dealing with a Juggernaut.
  • pButcher can't run a ton of Warjacks

Wrath Math - Can pButcher Kill Stormwall?

pButcher vs. Stormwall

When I'm down 4 points in Scenario and need a Hail Mary charge to save me from humiliation I want to know 3 things. 
  • Can I One-Shot my target? (Because it's bad-ass) 
  • Is there any chance of me killing my target if I am super lucky?
  • What are my chances of killing on average dice?
I've been having to fight Stormwall recently and I really need to know the math behind destroying it efficiently. For the first Wrath Math article I will ask the question.

Can pButcher Kill Stormwall?

Monday, March 2, 2015

Model Spotlight - Pureblood Warpwolf - Circle Orboros

Pureblood Warpwolf Circle Orboros
Pureblood Warpwolf

A rarity in Circle, the Pureblood is the only Heavy Warbeast other than Brennos the Elderhorn to have a ranged attack. While his RAT is fairly average, the RNG of the Spray and the POW is excellent which will allow you to clear out infantry and stealthed units. 

The Purebloods melee POW is fairly low and will need some help from the Gorax if you plan to punch through some Warjacks. 

Butcher and his Khadorian Army

butcher and his khador army
Destroyer, Juggernaut, Butcher, Behemoth, Marksman, War Dog, Devestator

I love me some giant robots

Khador Bombardiers

3 Player Warmachine Map and Rules Creation

Warmachine/Hordes is an awesome 2 player game but when you try and turn it into a Super Smash Brothers multiplayer free for all things get a little weird.

I've been trying to figure out how to make a fair but interesting map & scenario for 3 players but there's always the same problems:
  • 1 player will wait till the other two players engage and weaken each other then swoop in and finish them off.
  • 2 Players will gang up on 1 player
  • No meaningful reason to hold center
  • No meaningful reason to advance
I'll add to this later when I think of stuff

Sunday, March 1, 2015

DIY Terrain Guide: Rough Terrain

Menoth vs Khador

After reading the Steamroller 2015 rules I realized that all the terrain I have is way too big for a 4'x4' map so I decided to create some smaller 3" - 6" pieces so we can get more variety in our battlefield.

Rough terrain adds different strategies to the map because it forces armies to move at half speed through it. You either need to build an army that has Pathfinder that can move full speed through rough terrain, find creative ways around the area, or just slowly plod through it and give up positioning.

Here's a quick tutorial on how I made some small rough terrain pieces. 

DIY Rough Terrain

1) This is a 24" x 46" MDF board at Home Depot that I purchased for about $6
2) I drew a basic shape on the board as a rough guide to cut
3) I used a jigsaw to cut out the shape and then sanded the edges so they are smooth
4) I glob a large glob of Tacky Glue in the center