Friday, March 27, 2015

Ghetorix Conversion

Ghetorix conversion unpainted

Lately I've been really trying to alter my models and re-position them into more unique stances. I had a good time spiffying up the boring old Ghetorix and adding a little more personality. 

The first and most difficult thing to do was to cut off the bottom hand using a diagonal cutter. This took a bit of snipping and sanding to remove the hand but I think it came out pretty good.

The next part was to decide which arms to go on Ghetorix. I chose the Left Arm from a Stalker and the Right Arm of a Pureblood to achieve the pose.

I also wanted to put something cool in the open hand. I tried fitting an extra Shredder but it looked more like he was holding a pet. I finally decided on using the head of a Carnivean because I had extras and I'm never going to run two of them at once.

After that, I primed everything black, put a coating of dark brown, then dry brushed light brown and painted all the important bits silver, gold, and white with a touch of red.

There you have it! My converted Ghetorix holding a decapitated head of a Carnivean :) My new favorite model!

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