Thursday, May 5, 2016

5/4/16 - MKIII Forum Spoilers

All - Artillery now can Move and Fire. They removed Range Finder but allowed them to Aim.
All - "We amped up the effectiveness of battle engines across the board to better anchor them to their point costs, which I think average around 18 points. You won't see them in every list, but when you do they will have an impact."
All - FA of Artillery is still 2

Legion - Shredders have Adelphophagy (if a Shredder frenzies, it'd go after the nearest Shredder within LOS.) and Flank [friendly Faction warbeast]

Menoth - Sunburst -  "With an effective RNG of 20" we reduced its SPD to 2 and took its POW down a point to 15. Everything it hits gets continous fire.

Khador - Field Gun gets knockdown on its shots and costs 4 points
Khador - Picks up High Explosives: "Blast damage caused by this weapon is POW 10."

Ret - Ret Rifle team is POW 8 and keeps Range Finder which provides a boost to hit.

Cygnar - Trencher Cannon lost AD and picked up Brutal Damage and dropped its ranged to 13.

Cryx - Revenant Cannon Crew lost Ghost Shot for Bale Fire (Boosted against living models)

Mercenaries - Commodore Cannon can now be taken by all Privateer Warcasters
Mercenaries - Deck Guns - Reposition [3] and cost 3 points

Skorne - Venator Flayer Cannon - "Its ROF is still d3, but it gains a hot if the Grunt is B2B with the Gunner. It also POW 13 for RNG 12. That gives it a 15" threat if it moves and fires. "

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Khador Butcher 3 vs. Circle Krueger 2 Warmachine Battle Report (35 Point Steamroller 2015)

Here's a quick little battle report with Khador (Butcher 3) vs. Circle (Krueger 2) and yes, I am playing against myself.

There's a 35 point tournament coming up at our local store and it's kind of their last hurrah for MKII. There aren't many Warmachine players there but hopefully MKIII will bring in some new blood. I won the previous 35 point tournament with Butcher 3 and Old Witch. My biggest challenge right now is probably Krueger 2 and I know there's a very good player in our Meta that plays him. I was able to beat him last time because he didn't want to be list locked and instead played against his Krueger 1 which I was able to beat.

The issue I am having is how to combat Kreuger 2's feat turn.

In the practice game I played Butcher 3, Ruin, Juggernaut, a unit of Press Gangers, Madelyn Corbeau, Widowmakers, Widowmaker Marksman, and Kell Bailoch. The sniper pack is mostly for The Book or Orin Midwinter. They do help clear paths out for Butcher 3 but are probably not the best choices. I might swap one out for Doc Killingsworth for the Press Gangers.

The Circle list included Krueger 2, Ghetorix, Stalker, Gorax, Druids + UA, Stones, Stones + UA, and a Gallows Grove.


Circle Top of Turn 1

Circle focused on the top zone and set up to take it over. The druids held the bottom and used Summon Vortex to put up clouds to contest.

Khador Bottom of Turn 1

The Press Gangers spread out in the top zone hoping to contest long enough for Butcher and the Jacks to get up the field. Butcher 3 sets up on a hill and uses Energizer to move up his battlegroup. Ruin and the Juggernaut each take opposing zones. The Widowmakers and Widowmakers take shots at the DEF 18 Druids (Camo + Smoke) and come up short. Kell Beiloch also misses.

Turn 2
Circle used the Stalker to clear a path for Ghetorix to the Juggernaut and Kruger 2 set him up with a Telekenisis. Circle thought they could send in a POW 19 Ghetorix with lightning strike to finish off the Juggernaut but fell very short only crippling its movement. With Ghetorix's last attack he tried to kill a Press Ganger to trigger Lightning Strike and move back but rolled snake eyes and failed. Circle also should have feated on this turn but it wouldn't have helped too much since the Juggernaut would have killed Ghetorix most likely. The Druids simply move up and cast summon vortex. The Stone Keeper kills 2 Widowmakers and they fail their command checks.

On Khador's turn I send in Ruin which explodes Ghetorix with 3 hits. Butcher just moves up and tries to set up in the zone to prepare for the carnage ahead. The Widowmakers have to flee but Kell Bailoch is able to kill a single Druid.

Circle Turn 3

Butcher 3 is camping on 0 focus and this might be the only chance Circle will get to assassinate him. The first part of the plan is to use the Druids to push away the Ogrun Bokur and have the rest do damage to Butcher. They do about 2 damage. The next step is to have the Stone Keeper do some damage and he is able to put on 4 damage.

Kruger now moves in and has LOS to Butcher. He boosts to hit and makes it. He has Sustained attack with his gun which is POW 12 ROF 3. He uses all of his shots and boost them all and gets Butcher 3 to 8 boxes. Circle should have feated but again, I don't think there was a chance with Impending Doom, Energizer, Reach, and Butcher 3's feat still active.

Khador Turn 3

Madelyn Corbeau's skill triggers and butcher moves up 3". He then uses Energizer to move another 3". He then charges the Stalker doing damage and then casts Impending Doom which sucks in Krueger 2. With MAT 9, Weaponmaster POW 16 he is able to decimate both Krueger 2 and the Stalker for a caster assassination.

The Killing Blow
That's the end. I missed a lot of things with Circle and I think a truly skilled player would have beat me on scenario. The Press Gangers were awesome and held the zone with toughs and volume. I am thinking about throwing in Doc Killingsworth to give them a little more staying power as their only job is to hold the line and wait for Butcher and friends to make it up field.

Monday, May 2, 2016

5/2/16 - MKIII Forum Spoilers

You can read all the new Legion spoilers on the 5/2/16 Insider. As far as Forum Spoilers go:

Legion - Ninja Star icon on Proteus is Souless
Legion - Eyeless sight still ignores Stealth
Legion - Vayl 2 lost Purification and gained Chasten
Legion - Vayl 2 lost Obliteration and gained "Deadly Storm" whic is POW 13 that leaves a cloud effect for 1 round
Legion - Tenacity is gone
Legion - Lylyth 2 no longer has Shadow Pack

Sunday, May 1, 2016

DIY Warmachine Terrain - Mountain Fortress

My father in law is in the middle of building his train table and had some extra pink foam that I was able to snag. For some reason Home Depot is no longer carrying it and is using the compressed foam balls ones that suck for terrain.

I was able to get a new gaming table from a business that was downsizing near my office. They just decided to give everything away so I took the desk in their break room and a computer table.

Materials used

Terrain Construction In Progress

Finished Mountain Fortress

I wish I had more pictures of the process but now that my son is tall enough to run around and grab things off tables it's become a juggling act of building terrain and making sure he doesn't eat anything.

This was actually a simple project. I messed up the steps because I was just winging it
  1. I cut out the mountain part of the terrain from the pink foam
  2. Texturized it with some pieces of rock and ripped chunks out with my finger
  3. Spray painted everything black
  4. Dry brushed it with dark gray, light gray, and white.
  5. Did a black wash on top of everything
  6. Painted white highlights
  7. Decided I would make it a base so I cut something out of wood with a jigsaw
  8. I glued the foam to the base and filled cracks with spackle
  9. I cut out a door and some surrounding decoration and glued them on.
  10. I glued sand and little rocks to the base
  11. I spray painted everything black again then dry brushed it with gray and white
  12. Did a black wash on top of everything
  13. I built a door out of popsicle sticks, painted it, and attached it
Anyway, this was a fun project to create terrain that didn't really add any tactical depth to the game but was more for making the table look cool.

The final touch was using some double sided tape to attach one of my overall winner coins above the door.