Monday, February 22, 2016

Boomhowlers - Finished Paint Job

Boomhowlers Painted
Finished Boomhowlers

I've had these Boomhowlers sitting around for months now unpainted and finally got around to it. My group has basically asked me to play with less units because of how un-fun my play style is for running my models as far as I can to jam up their guys and set the line of battle way up on their side and win on scenario.

I play Khador, that's kind of what we do. It's not like our jacks are any good.  

I guess the Boomhowlers don't help much with that situation but I plan to run them in a list that will be just as annoying but more fun for my opponents.

Here's my Mercenary list for next week:

Warcaster: Captain Bartolo Montador
Warcaster Attachment: Sylys Wyshnaylrr
Colossal: Galleon
Warjack: Mule
Warjack: Mariner
Unit: Boomhowlers
Unit: Lady Aiyana & Master Holt
Solo: Master Gunner Dougal MacNaile
Solo: Orin Midwinter
Solo: Ragman

I know everyone says Broadsides sucks and is a trap but I want to try it out. I've got Sylys to upkeep Hot Shot on the Galleon and 3 Warjacks to lob shots at the enemy. I know the Mule is bad for this because of its short range out of activation but it's the only other Merc jack I got. Dougal kind of fixes it for one turn while Ragman is there for whatever the Galleon decides to drag in. Orin is in the list because I rarely get a chance to play him.

The goal is to cast Hot Shot on my Galleon turn 1 and run everything up. I'll use the Boomhowlers to screen my jacks as they reign down deadly AOEs while Dougal gives them a mini boost. I then will pop feat on the top of 2 to keep everyone away from my jacks then slowly pick apart the big threats. Once I clear out most of the guys I will drag any big baddies to me unless they have a Colossal which then I'm kind of screwed. I don't know if I can really trade shots with a Stormwall but we'll see.

I'm only playing with 1 unit instead of my 3+ and relying on my range threat to soften the enemy up and then finish hard with the help of Ragman and Aiyana. It could be a fun attrition list.