Saturday, December 19, 2015

Infinity - Hac Tao - Yu Jing

Sun Tze + Hac Tao

Sun Tze and Hac Tao are a fun little combo. Sun Tze has a sweet close up armor piercing Boarding Shotgun and is beefy enough to take a hit with Mimetism, No Wound Incapacitation, and Total Immunity and the Hac Tao is amazing from long range with his HMG and the ability to surprise with TO: Camouflage. 

You can hidden deploy the Hac Tao and use Sun Tze to tank and draw out enemies while Surprise Shotting with the Hac Tao to clean up all the baddies.

I'm really liking Yu Jing and it's not just because I'm Asian.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Infinity - Sun Tze - Yu Jing

Sun Tze - Yu Jing
We got a little burned out of Warmachine so we've started playing some Infinity. I've decided to go with Yu Jing and this is one of my favorite models, Sun Tze. He's a bad ass with shotgun and gives you some interesting strategic advantages even before the game starts.

I just finished painting him this morning and looking forward to finishing up the rest of my army. I decided to go with a "Jade" armor instead of the traditional Yu Jing orange.

We're still learning Infinity but so far I really like it. The amount of terrain you use for it is pretty cool and I enjoy all the new mechanics. It's a good little break from Warmachine.