Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Infinity: Yu Jing - Painted Sun Tze

Infinity Yu Jing Sun Tze Infinity - Yu Jing - Sun Tze
I've been on a painting kick the last couple weeks and I decided to strip down some of my old Infinity models and give them some new life. My Yu Jing army used to be green but I've decided to switch to the more traditional orange color. This model is Sun Tze with a Boarding Shotgun.

If you follow the pictures at the top you can see how I painted the model. First I primed it gray and then painted his face. Next I base coated his armor in orange and silver. After that I gave everything a darker color wash and then hit it with some highlights. Tada! It's table top quality, ready to play!

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Guild Ball - Painted Greyscales, Angel, Shark and Siren

guild ball fishermen greyscales, angel, shark, siren painted
Fishermen Crew - Greyscales, Angel, Shark, and Siren

My house flooded last Friday and we were forced to stay with the in-laws for a week. While we were there we got hit with an AOE 5 virus and all got sick so I had plenty of time to paint my new models since there was absolutely nothing else to do. 

I'm not a horribly good painter but I'm learning new tricks every day and I can see the difference between my old work and my new work. Part of my problem is I'm impatient. My buddy, Rob, who owns Table Ready Terrain is always trying to get me to follow boring steps when all I want to do is slap paint on pewter. 

Lately I've been slowing down and following steps instead of rushing to finish the job and I'm happy with the outcome.

Guild Ball has been a really fun game play experience that brings a lot of interesting decisions each turn to the table. I'm pretty close to finishing up my entire Fishermen Guild, I think only need Vet Siren and Tentacles.

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Guild Ball - Fishermen - Painted Corsair

guild ball fishermen kraken, sakana, corsair, hag, jac, salt paintedFishermen Corsair List - Kraken, Sakana, Corsair, Hag, Jac, Salt

I love the Corsair model. He's just a fat Middle Eastern-y grumpy pirate dude with a peg leg and a bunch of spears. He's great at controlling the center of the Pitch and dragging unsuspecting enemy models into a pit of harpoon doom. He can also pop his Legendary and give his teammates an added boost to their kick!

He was also really fun to paint since his features are so defined. I plan on doing some battle reports in the future with Corsair and his Fishermen crew so stay tuned!

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Guild Ball - Kick Off - Masons - Brewers - Fishermen

Warmachine is kind of in limbo right now for me while they transition into the new Steamroller 2017 rule set so here's my new obsession: GUILD BALL! I'm having a lot of fun with Guild Ball. It's basically fantasy soccer where you kick a ball into a goal but you can also beat each other up with swords and magic. What I really like about it is the theme. Here are some of the painted models I finished this weekend from the Guild Ball Kick Off starter set and a few other models I picked up on the side:

guild ball kick off painted brewers Brewers Plastic Set - Scum, Spigot, Tapper, Stave, Hooper, Friday

The Brewers have a lot of synergy and buffs with each other and deal a whole bunch of damage. They're great for wrecking face and occasionally scoring a few goals.

guild ball kick off painted masons Masons Plastic Set - Marbles, Mallet, Honour, Brick, Harmony, Flint

The Mason's strategy relies on their strong defense and their abilities to counter charge. They're an all comers kind of guild and can have a flexible play style.

guild ball painted fishermen Fishermen - Greyscales, Hag, Jac, Shark, Kraken, Salt, Corsair, Siren, Angel, Sakana

The Fishermen are not about stabbing you with spears or bludgeoning you with their hammers, they want to score goals. They are super mobile and great at sneaking an unexpected shot.

I'm looking forward to playing a few more games and demoing it to some friends to get them into it. If you're interested in starting Guild Ball I suggested you pick up the brand new Guild Ball Kick Off Starter Set which includes 2 full ready to play armies and all the fun bits you need to kick some balls.

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