Saturday, December 19, 2015

Infinity - Hac Tao - Yu Jing

Sun Tze + Hac Tao

Sun Tze and Hac Tao are a fun little combo. Sun Tze has a sweet close up armor piercing Boarding Shotgun and is beefy enough to take a hit with Mimetism, No Wound Incapacitation, and Total Immunity and the Hac Tao is amazing from long range with his HMG and the ability to surprise with TO: Camouflage. 

You can hidden deploy the Hac Tao and use Sun Tze to tank and draw out enemies while Surprise Shotting with the Hac Tao to clean up all the baddies.

I'm really liking Yu Jing and it's not just because I'm Asian.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Infinity - Sun Tze - Yu Jing

Sun Tze - Yu Jing
We got a little burned out of Warmachine so we've started playing some Infinity. I've decided to go with Yu Jing and this is one of my favorite models, Sun Tze. He's a bad ass with shotgun and gives you some interesting strategic advantages even before the game starts.

I just finished painting him this morning and looking forward to finishing up the rest of my army. I decided to go with a "Jade" armor instead of the traditional Yu Jing orange.

We're still learning Infinity but so far I really like it. The amount of terrain you use for it is pretty cool and I enjoy all the new mechanics. It's a good little break from Warmachine.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Devastation Event - GMI Games - Circle Orbors

Kromac Circle Orboros

Our store is holding the Devastation Event over 3 weeks so we can get more participants and I had my first 3 games with Circle and the Effigy of the Devourer tonight.

Game 1: The first game was pKromac vs. eMakeda. I went first and we both placed our objectives on opposite ends. I deployed my Stalker, Ghetorix, and Feral Warpwolf to run as fast as possible to his objective. He did the same with eMakeda, Molik Karn and a Gladiator. He saw how fast I was at getting to his objective and decided to swing all his guys over to defend his objective. On the next turn I was able to trample though his tar pit unit and get to the objective with the Stalker and Ghetorix followed up with a charge allowing me to win on Scenario on turn 3.

Game 2: I decided to try the same thing again for my second game. This time it was pKromac vs. Legion's pVayl. I won the roll and decided to go first again and we placed our objectives on opposite sides. I tried the same tactic with having the Stalker, Ghetorix, and Feral Warpwolf run up as fast as they could towards the objective. My opponent deployed his Carinvean, Ravagore, and 3 shredders and tried to run as fast as possible to my objective. I had 2 sets of stones and figured they weren't going to make much difference to my Warbeasts' advancing in an open field so I decided to place them near my objective and use them as tar pit units.

On his turn he used a spell martyr to Ravager my Feral Warpwolf and had him advance backwards and attack my Stalker. On turn 2 he was able to un-jam all of his Warbeasts that were being blocked by Stones and sent a charging Carnivean at my objective. He fell 12 hp short. On my third turn I was able to easily kill his objective for a scenario victory.

Game 3: In this match up I played eKreuger vs. Trollblood's pGrim. This was a much more interesting game because he was able to screen his objective with Warders and he was able to basically negate one of my turns with pGrim's -3 speed feat. We went back and forth. I was able to kill a couple Warders and Kriel Stone Bearers and put about 7 points of damage on pGrim. He took out a crucial Stone, some Druids, my Gallows Grove, and my Stalker. It was looking bad but I had better positioning and I also got his Mountain King down to 1 hp. I thought about trying to kill the Trollblood objective with a primaled Ghetorix, Stone Keeper, Blackclad Wayfarer, and 4 Druids but my opponent told me that his Krielstone also gave the +2 ARM bonus to his objective which quickly threw the math way off. I decided to go for the assassination instead. I am able to land the first ranged attack with eKreuger and with Sustained Attack I was able to remove all his fury and get him down to 6 health. My Ghetorix was able to get into range and hit pGrim once to kill him.

Some things I learned: Our objective doesn't come into play very often unless to plan to play really defensively which is probably a bad idea. I leaned that it takes 2 Warbeasts to kill the objective reliably. It's also much more beneficial to go 2nd so you can counter their deployment and get the extra 3". I also learned that it's very hard to get to the enemy objective on Turn 2 and you should plan to get there and finish it on Turn 3.

I will most likely get 3 more games in next week. If anyone has any experiences with the Circle and the Devastation Event please share

Friday, October 23, 2015

DIY Terrain: Gnarly Tree - Circle of Orboros Devastation Objective - Effigy of the Devourer

Hey guys! Here is a quick DIY terrain tutorial on how I made a giant gnarly tree out paper, aluminum foil, and tons of glue.

Circle Orboros Objective for the Devastation Event

I tried a couple other ways to make a gnarly tree using real tree branches but it never seemed to look right. I tried using foam as well but it didn't give me the texture I wanted.

I was looking through the kitchen for something I could use and I stumbled upon some Aluminum Foil.

Tree shaping with Aluminum Foil

STEP 1: Create the Base & Trunk - For the base, I used an old CD and coated it with Tacky Glue and covered it with sand. I used crunched up paper for the bulk of the tree and then wrapped aluminum foil around it to make the trunk.

STEP 2: Make Branches and Roots - For the branches I just rolled out long and short pieces of aluminum foil and glued them where they would look cool. I then used a hot glue gun to seal all the edges so it wouldn't fall apart.

Coating the tree with glue

STEP 3: Coating it with Glue - The tree needed something because the foil had too many sharp edges so I decided to coat the entire thing in Tacky Glue in hopes it would blend everything together. This was a really messy process and took about 10 hours to dry completely.
  Tree primed black

STEP 4: Prime & Painting - I had some left over spray paint and primed the tree black. After that dried I did some dry brushing of grays and browns to give it color.

Here's a picture with the finished tree. I didn't have any Circle Orboros units at the office so I just took a picture with Ruin.

Here's another picture of the completed tree. It was quite fun to make and hopefully will help me win another coin at the Devastation Event!

Effigy of the Devourer 

Inspire Devastation:
Friendly faction models gain an additional die on magic damage rolls targeting enemy models within 10" of this model.

Incite Bloodlust: An enemy model that begins its activation within 8" of this model must run or charge during its activation. An enemy model that cannot run or charge during its activation ignores this effect.

Stats: 5 Defense, 20 Armor, 40 Life.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

Warmachine Battle Report - Khador eSorscha vs. Khador eZerkova - 50 Points Steamroller

This is a straight up Khador vs. Khador civil war battle between two of coldest and sexiest Warcasters in the game. They're probably fighting over who ate the last Yoplait in the fridge.

In this game, Scott plays the brand new super magic assassin Warcaster eZerkova vs. my new to me but old to everyone else armor cracking Warcaster, eSorscha.

eSosrcha - Cold as Ice (50 Points)

Warcaster: eSosrcha (-6)
Warcaster Attachment: Sylys Wyshnaylrr (+2)
Warjack: Conquest (Bonded) (+19)
Unit: Winter Guard Infantry (+6)
Unit Attachment: Winter Guard Officer & Standard (+2)
Unit Weapon Attachment: Rocketeer (+3)
Unit: Kayazy Assassins (+8)
Unit Attachment: Kayazy Underboss (+2)
Unit: Battle Mechaniks (Min) (+2)
Unit: Great Bears of Gallowswood (+5)
Solo: Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich (+2)
Solo: Ogrun Bokur (+3)
Solo: Saxon Orrik (+2)
Objective: Effigy of Valour

List building: This is the paring to my Butcher 3 list in the last battle report. It seems to cover the bad Cryx match ups I have with old Butch with its Grape Shot Sprays, high DEF Kayazy with Iron Flesh and the ability to crack armor. The Bonded Conquest is my favorite because if you fail to kill it in melee you will become stationary at the end of your activation. Everything is highly accurate which is what I love. You've got Winter Guard rolling either 3 dice on Attack or combining shots, the Kayazy Assassins are MAT 9 with Gang, the Great Bears are 8, and Conquest... is Conquest at MAT 6/RAT 4.

The thought is to put Conquest out there and shoot a bunch forcing your opponent to charge him with jacks/beast killing it. Then eSorscha pops her feat and the Great Bears charge through the Wreck Marker with Relentless Charge and smash everything. The Kayazy are there to jam and soften up important models and the Winter Guard handle large groups of infantry.


Scott's eZerkova List (50 Points)

Warcaster: eZerkova (-4)
Warcaster Unit: Reaver Guard x2
Warcaster Attachment: Sylys Wyshnaylrr (+2)
Warjack: Behemoth (+13)
Unit: Greylord Outriders (+9)
Unit: Greylord Ternion (+4)
Unit: Greylord Ternion (+4)
Unit: Kayazy Eliminators (+3)
Unit: Great Bears of Gallowswood (+5)
Unit: Lady Aiyana & Master Holt (+2)
Unit Attachment: Koldun Kaptain Valachev (+2)
Solo: Koldun Lord (+2)
Solo: pEiryss (+3)
Solo: Harlan Versh, Illuminated One (+2)
Solo: Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator (+1)
Objective: Bunker

List Building: Scott's army can put out 15 boosted Magic Spray Attacks in one round and on his feat turn can shoot 30 of them. Crazy, right? It looks like the Behemoth and the Great Bears are there to take out high ARM targets that get close to Zerkova and everything else is just going to spray everything to death.

warmachine battle report khador

I had never played against eZerkova but I felt that that Conquest could dominate the board if I did two things:
  1. Take out the Great Bears early
  2. Kill or jam up the Behemoth.
It seemed easy enough with the Kayazy, my own unit of Great Bears and eSorscha's feat. My plan was to position myself to dominate my opponent's zone on turn 2. I positioned Conquest, the Mechaniks, Sosrcha, Bokur, Sylys, and the Kayazy Assassins to the right and left zone for the Winter Guard Infantry to handle.

I then ran up my Winter Guard Infantry with Desperate Pace and figured that they could they could easily outlast the Outriders with Tough and Bob & Weave. Twas not the best of ideas.
 esorscha battle report 
On Scott's turn he positioned his Behemoth and Great Bears in the center of the battlefield and waited for me to come into his threat range. He lobby a few Behemoth shots into my Winter Guard but they came out unscathed. He then runs his Outriders on my left flank along with pEyriss who is able to kill one Winter Guard Infantry. 

On my second turn I continue pushing forward on the right side with my Conquest and I am able to land a crit Devastation on his Great Bears killing two. My Winter Guard were able to do some work and kill two Outriders which I thought was pretty good. The Kayazy ran up my right flank and I try to position them for an assassination run next turn. I played Sorscha far back in fear of his feat but it was my first time playing with her and I didn't realize that she was pretty much immune to most of Scott's army. This is something that Scott reminded me after the game was over, lol.

At this moment I feel I'm in a pretty good position to win the game... until Scott started spraying...

Scott let loose his super boosted sprays and wiped out almost my entire unit of Kayazy Assassins on the right side. His Outriders then used ride by attacks and sprayed down about 8 of my Winter Guard Infantry. He then positioned the Outriders to take out my Mechaniks behind Conquest the next turn with his Light Calvary move. The Eliminators charge in and kill a couple of Mechaniks.

He gets 1 good charge off with his last Great Bear and really hurts my Conquest. Things totally flipped to Scott's favor and he hadn't even popped his feat yet.

The scenario pressure is on me so on my third turn I kill his objective with my Great Bears and try to clear the Greylord Ternions with Conquest but fail and leave 1 in the zone. I do remember the Bond on Conquest and I'm easily able to kill his stationary Eliminators with my Bokur and the last Great Bear that charged in. The rest of the Mechaniks repair the Conquest. At the end of my turn I tried to hide Sorscha behind Conquest and await Zerkova's feat.

Scott continues his rampage and wipes out my entire Winter Guard unit with more crazy boosted sprays. He also is able to Hoarfrost a Great Bear and charge the Conquest with his Reaver Guard which does a bit of damage. His Ternions wipe out my Kayazy and he positions his Behemoth to charge Conquest next turn.

He does make a slight error and positions Zerkova in the center of the map. This could be my big opportunity to swing the game.

ezerkova battle report

If Scott decides to play super cautiously he will win on Scenario so I realize that the only way I can win is by assassination. I try to position Sorscha to Freezing Grip Zerkova but realize she is immune to Cold just like me. Scott was nice enough and let me take my move back which made up for one I let him take back earlier in the game. I just end up taking a shot with Sosrcha at Zerkova and missed. I pop my feat but also realize that it is cold based and does not effect her or the Outriders. 

At this point I'm all in because Scott can easily win on Scenario. My only out is if I use Conquest to clear out the Greylords blocking Zerkova and clear a path for my last remaining Great Bear. I get a good deviation and I am able to clear the path early. I use my remaining Conquest shots and do a little bit of damage to her. I actually did not want the crit Devastation because it would have pushed her just far enough that my Great Bear wouldn't be able to reach her. I had to shoot her though because I needed every last bit of damage.

I then activate my Great Bear and charge into her with Backswing. I need 7's to hit and I am able to make the charge attack. Zerkova is only camping 2 and is fairly hurt so a POW 12 with 4x dice is able to take her down.

Final Thoughts - Even though I won totally messed up and forgot about everyone being immune to cold. I didn't ever need eSorscha's feat anyway because Scott kept his Behemoth out of ranged and I was so scared of the Outriders and Ternions which I didn't need to be because they had cold attacks.

If I had known about the immunity I would have been far more aggressive and just dominated the right side instead of playing so cautiously. If I had focused on the Behemoth and Great Bears as originally planned I would have dominated with Conquest.

Scott most likely would have won the game if he had played more cautiously. He had cleared my zone of Winter Guard Infantry and could have moved his army to Dominate a turn earlier than me forcing me to run to horrible positions just to contest.  He told me that his mistake was declaring a charge order on his Reaver Guard against the Conquest. This forced him to play Zerkova more to the center.

As far as my list goes, I do like it but would make a few changes. I don't particularly need the Freezing Grip on Sosrcha because all my models except the Conquest are quite accurate. I could probably drop Sylys  and maybe 2 Rocketeers for Lady Aiyanna and Master Holt. This would really pack a punch on feat turn with Kiss of Lyliss. They Kayazy could probably take out anything that was -2 ARM and I wouldn't have to put my Conquest in danger. It would be really great on Trolls which are prevalent in our Meta but I most likely would drop Butcher 3 against them.

Either way, it was a great learning game and I am now more comfortable with eSosrcha and eZerkova.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Warmachine Battle Reports - Khador vs. Trollbloods - 50 Point Steamroller

Last night I was able to play Scott again at GMI games but this time he brought out his super Trollbloods. His list was not something I've played before and it had a lot of unique stuff including 2 units of Minions that did fancy things.

Butcher 3 vs. Grim Angus

Butcher 3/3 + Snipers (50 Points)

Warcaster: Butcher Unleashed (Butcher 3) (-4)
Warjack: Ruin (+10)
Warjack: Devastator (+9)
Warjack: Juggernaut (+7)
Unit: Nyss Hunters (+8)
Unit Attachment: Valachev (+2)
Unit: Widowmakers (+4)
Solo: Eiryss, Angel of Retribution (+3)
Solo: Ogrun Bokur (+3)
Solo: Kell Bailoch (+2)
Solo: Marksman (+2)
Objective: Fuel Cache

List building: I've been toying with this list for a while as I love Butcher 3 and I'm pretty good with him. Butcher 3's major problems are things that hinder his Flashing Blade and Impending Doom. (The Book, Orin Midwinter, Mulg, Druids, etc) I have the Widowmakers and Marksman to take out Orin and the Book and I have eEiryss for Mulg's animus. I wanted this list to have a large focus of highly accurate long ranged snipers to soften up my opponent while Butcher 3 and his 3 Warjacks come in and clean up the big stuff. The Nyss are there to be accurate, high defense guys who can contest on the opposite side of the map.


Scott's Trollbloods (50 Points)

Warlock: Grim Angus (-6)
Warbeast: Mountain King (+20)
Warbeast: Slag Troll (+6)
Warbeast: Troll Impaler (+5)
Unit: Pyg Burrowers (+6)
Unit: Bog Trog Ambushers (+8)
Unit: Farrow Bone Grinders (+2)
Unit: Swamp Gobbers Bellows Crew (+1)
Solo: Fell Caller Hero (+3)
Solo: Totem Hunter (+3)
Solo: Lanyssa Ryssyl, Nyss Sorrceress (+2)
Objective: Bunker

List Building: I hadn't played a list like his before. The Burrow is definitely something interesting that countered my snipers and the Ambushing Bog Trogs make his positioning unpredictable.

Trollbloods Battler Report Round 1

Khador Turn 1 -
Scott chose Butcher as his Prey target for the Totem Hunter which got me worried. On my turn I simply ran everything up and got it ready for the incoming advance. I was kind of worried about his Bog Trog Ambushers because he mentioned something to Andrew, another player at GMI, about how he was going to try to assassinate Butcher 3 with them. I ran my army up and then Advanced Butcher and used Energizer to give my battlegroup an extra 3" move. My plan was to hold the Left flag and use my high DEF models to contests the other.  I was able to get a couple snipes off on to his Burrowers and boxed his Officer which he toughed.

Trollbloods Turn 1 - Scott favored the right side of the board a little by advancing his Mountain King to that side. He then used the Fell Caller to stand up his Officer of the Burrowers and burrowed them 5" up from his advanced deploy. This made it so I could not target them on my turn. He them moved the rest of his army up the center leaning a little towards the right side. He then ran his Totem Hunter up the left flank.

Warmachine Battle Report Round 2

Khador Turn 2 -
When I saw his Burrow marker I figured it'd be a perfect time to set my Devastator up for an awesome Rein of Death turn. I ran him into place next to the marker hoping that when he popped up, I would just destroy his entire unit.  I saw that the Totem Hunter was just in Ruin's threat ranged and since I was not familiar with his army, I thought he was trying to bait me to get close to the side of the board for his Ambush. I decided to take out the Totem Hunter anyway and easily dispatched him with Ruin and 3 focus.

I then set up Juggernaut and one of the dogs to block a charge lane to Butcher from the Left side of the board in case he decided to Ambush. I also was very cautious and popped my feat defensively to get Butcher back up to 6 focus. I debated on this because I wanted to save the feat to deal with the Mountain King but I figured Scott has something tricky up with the Bog Trogs and the Burrowers that I couldn't take any chances.

My Widowmakers, Marksman, eEiryss, and Kell Bailoch were able to take out his Fell Caller under the smoke of the Swamp Gobbers. The Nyss were able to charge the Mountain King and did a good chunk of damage on him. I didn't realize that he spawned Whelps each time I hit him and there was no limit to how many came out. It was probably a bad idea. I should have just stayed back and did a combined attack.

Trollbloods Turn 2 - This is the turn I feared. Scott debated a while and came to the conclusion that he probably would not kill Butcher at 14/24. He decided to do as much damage to my Warjacks as possible. His Burrowers came up and charged Ruin and did a small amount of damage. He then Ambushed me and charged Bog Trogs into Ruin, Juggernaut, and Madelyn Corbeau. His rolls were below average but he was able to do minor damage to the Warjack and take out the Cortex of Ruin. He definitely gummed up that side of the board with 20 infantry.

He then activated Grim and popped his feat catching the Devastator, my sniper crew, and some Nyss Hunters. He then cast Marked for Death on the Nyss reducing their DEF to a 13. After that he activated the Mountain King right side he ate all his Whelps and healed him almost to full health. Grim was able to kill Valechev with a shot as I positioned him too close. With Marked for Death Scott was able to Power Sweep and kill the 4 Nyss that were surrounding him and luckily I passed a command check.

I was ok with this as I figured the Nyss were there to just contest and be annoying. Marked for Death really made the Nyss suffer. I didn't know the Mountain King spawned unlimited Whelps so I probably should have just done a combined ranged attack and hit the Mountain King for 1 shot.

Khador Battle Report Round 3 

Khador Turn 3 -  I didn't get a good picture of it but Ruin and the Juggernaut were completely surrounded by a combination of 20 Bog Trogs and Burrowers. My goal was to wipe them out using Ruin and Butcher and pick off the stragglers with my snipers.

My first move was with Ruin. I started with his little first and missed and then moved on to my big weapon and began decimating his Bog Trogs. Even with his Cortex out, Ruin was able to kill all the Bog Trogs except for the 2 that were behind the Juggernaut by using the souls he collected to buy attacks. He can wipe out entire units that way.

Madelyn Corbeau tries to do some seducing but the Bog Trogs fail to hit each other. The Devastator uses his Rein of Death and smashes 3 Burrowers that surrounded him. He was debuffed under Grim's feat along withe the snipers. My sniper crew takes some shots and they are able to kill one Swamp Gobber who has DEF 19 and a couple of Burrowers who end up Toughing. The Bokur is able to kill 1 Bog Trog with his spear.

Butcher and his Wardogs Activate in hopes to kill all the remaining Bog Trogs and Burrowers. The dogs easily dispatch of the last Bog Trog and Butcher goes in for the remaining 7 Burrowers with Flashing Blade. After Toughing multiple times, Butcher is able to finish everyone off with 2 Focus to spare. He uses 1 to Energize back 1" so he is touching the flag and moves the rest of his battlegroup up 1".

Trollbloods Turn 3 - Scott is in an interesting position because now I've put some scenario pressure on him. Butcher is pretty safe at the moment because of distance so he decides to return some scenario pressure to me. The first thing he does is upkeep Mark of Death on the Nyss and then uses Hunters Mark on my Fuel Cache objective with Lanyssa. He then uses Bait the Line on the objective as well giving models +4 to Charge on it. He then uses the Mountain King and assaulted the objective easily killing it for 1 point. He then shot a spray into my sniper crew but was only able to kill 1 Widowmaker. He then uses the rest of his focus to wipe out 2 of the Widowmakers closest to him.

With his Farrow Bone Grinders, Scott tries to finish off my Marked for Death-ed Nyss but fails to kill them due to some below average dice rolls. His Slag Troll tries to wipe out my ARM 17 Devastator with his Acid with Erosion but also rolls below average and leaves the vulnerable Devastator with all his systems.

The Impaler then shoots a spear at the Devastator failing to crit and does a few points of damage. He ends his turn by running his last remaining Swamp Gobber to contest the left most flag.

The Game is tied 1 - 1.

Khador vs. Trollbloods Round 4

Khador Turn 4 - I was quite lucky that Scott was not able to finish off my Nyss because it gave me a good shot at retaliation. Without Cylena I was not able to combine but I easily shot off the Farrow Bone Griders and Lanyssa which freed up the right side of the board for me. I then used the remaining snipers to do a couple damage points to the Slag.

All I needed to do now was set up my Warjacks to block line of sight to Butcher and position them so that I can kill his Bunker objective next round, oh, and kill that stinking Swamp Gobber contesting my flag which I failed to do with an aiming eEiryss but was able to do with my Ogrun Bokur.

This gave me my much needed 2nd point and put in position to win next turn.

Score: Khador - 2 vs. Trollbloods - 1

Trollbloods Turn 4 - Scott was in a little trouble with his fury leeching and had to make Frenzy checks for all his Warbeasts. He passes both the Impaler and the Slag but fails on the Mountain King which Frenzies and kills a Widowmaker. This is a huge turning point in the game as the Mountain King would have probably been able to clear the center zone putting him up 3 points vs my 2 if he manages to contest the right flag with his Impaler or Slag which would require them to run.

Scott then uses his slag to try to clear Kell Bailoch and the Winterguard but fail to do so even with boosted rolls. He ends his turn with the Impaler and is able to land a crit on the Devastator which pushes him back 1" but fails to do damage.

Score: Khador - 3 vs. Trollbloods - 1

Khador vs. Trollbloods Warmachine Battle Report Finishing Move

Khador Turn 5 - If I can manage to kill the Objective with Ruin (minus Cortex), Ogrun Bokur, eEiryss, Kell Bailoch, and 1 Widowmaker I can win the game. The first thing I do is activate Butcher and Energize everyone up 3". I then charge with Ruin at the objective doing only about 5 damage to it. I use my offhand and do 8 more damage putting it at 2 Life. The Ogrun Bokur leaves his client and is able to finish off the Bunker for the win.

Final Score: Khador - 5 vs. Trollbloods - 1

After Game Thoughts - I really enjoyed playing against Scott's Trollblood list. I had never fought against Bog Trogs, Farrow Bone Grinders, Burrowers, Lanyssa, or a Mountain King before so it was a good model learning game for me. It was really cool how how much flexibility he had with his Ambush and Burrowers. The match up was probably not the best for him because of my Warjacks and 14/24 Warcaster but it was interesting.

This was the first time I played with Madelyn Corbeau and I didn't feel like I got a ton of use out of her. Butcher is normally behind a wall of Warjacks so getting that 3" move in my maintenance phase wasn't all that useful. I almost always play very cautiously with him, trying to camp as much as I can and keep my distance while moving towards a flag or zone. Opponents also play very cautiously against him so I rarely have a chance to assassinate making Corbeau not as effective.

I might switch up and replace her after I try her a few more times. I might go for the whole sniper package and put in Alten Ashely. I was also thinking of swapping out the Devastator and Juggernaut for Beast 09, a War Dog, Alten, and Goreman. It would definitely help me against the Domination spell which the Haleys have and give me a fairly accurate high POW Thresher Reach weapon with a threat range of 12" with Energizer. It also saves me a focus because Beast 09 runs for free.

I would be losing an ARM 25 Bulldozer and a 7 point Warjack to piece trade though. I also lose a large base blocking LOS.

I'll have to do some testing to see which is better. I'll most likely be playing Circle of Orboros for the next 3 weeks because of the Devastation Event we are having at GMI. I look forward to winning another coin!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Legion of Everblight Gargantuan - The Blightbringer

Here is a first look at the Legion of Everblight's new Gargantuan, The Blightbringer.

Warmachine Battle Reports - Video - Cygnar (Nemo 3) vs. Khador (eZerkova) - 50 point Steamroller Battle Report

Advanced Maneuvers Nemo 3 vs. eZerkova 

I really want to get into eZerkova but you need Greylord Outriders to make her work and they're expensive and I don't particularly like them. She does look pretty awesome though and gives Khador a good magical ranged assassination.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Warmachine Battle Report - Khador vs. Retribution

WarGamerGirl - Khador vs. Retribution

In this episode, WarGamerGirl plays eVlad against Retribution's Issyria in a 50 point Steamroller 2015 matchup. Can eVlad's super infantry defeat Issyrias... umm... I don't know what Issyria does actually but I bet it involves space elvy stuff like smooth rounded armor and shooting through obstructions and being all skinny and low carb.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Soul Trapper - Cryx Thrall Solos Model Preview

Soul Trapper Cryx Thrall Solos

These guys look scary. I'm not sure what they do but they probably eat your souls and use them to power their pure evil Cryxness. The models look amazing though. The Privateer fluff says,

"Drawn to the dying, the soul trapper stalks the front lines with both eagerness and desperation. Its arms continually wrest souls of the recently departed from the air, limbs darting here and there like the workings of a manic threshing machine. It crams its stolen harvest into prepared chambers akin to soul cages within its body, where they await transference to other, mightier entities. It is said the screams of the souls transferred through the creation’s chest can be heard echoing from its ribcage long after they have gone, though few mortals have ever gotten close enough to hear."

It looks like they'll be playing out front a lot with Soul Collector and can probably do something like Soul Transfer or shifts souls to Warcasters/Warjacks. Either way, they look awesome to paint.

For the full article and a 3D view visit:

Monday, October 5, 2015

Painting up my Mind Slaver & Drudges + Mind Bender & Drudges for my Cephalyx Army

Mind Slaver + Mind Bender with Drudges

Just finished up the last of the 3 units of Drudges. It's hard to tell them apart even with their crotch cloths painted different colors but I like how they turned out.

I still have the 3 Agitators, Pistol Wraith, and the leaders of the Drudge units to paint. Probably won't get them done by game day on Tuesday but I'll see how far I can get.

I really love these models. They're really creepy and dirty looking.

The Mind Benders are an extremely interesting unit. The leader has a toolbox of spells that can be cast through the Drudges like Arc-Nodes, even when in melee. This comes at a price though, you have to sacrifice the model you channeled your spell through after you are done casting.

It is absolutely worth it though for the amazing things you can do.

The first spell gives your Drudges a huge MAT and STR increase and allows them to re-position. This can allow your Drudges to take out a Heavy Warjack.

The next spell is a medium sized AOE bomb that will take care of all the high DEF models that are plaguing you. It is amazing to use iwth Telekinesis and Thexus' feat as you can re-position for maximum casualties.

The last spell is a medium Spray that can take out units when they are bunched up. Again, amazing with Thexus' ability to shift enemy models on the battlefield.

The Mind Benders are definitely one of my favorite units to play as they have so many tricks up their sleeves. I can't wait to try them out!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Cephalyx Mercenaries

cephalyx exulon thexus mercenaries

Working on getting my Cephalyx All-in-One-Box painted this weekend. I'll post more pictures as I make progress.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Visit to Table Ready Terrain + a quick Khador vs. Mercenaries game that didn't end well.

Last week I got an invitation from Rob at Table Ready Terrain to come see some of his work. He has some amazingly detailed terrain made from all sorts of different materials like Pringles cans, coffee stir sticks, and pink insulation foam. It's something his wife calls, "upcycling." We use his terrain at GMI all the time and I've even seen them used on Chain Attack videos.

Rob is also an amazing painter and terrain builder and it's a damn shame that his TURNS TAKE FOREVER.

After taking a look at how he makes his stuff I got a chance to play a quick game with him. He played his Damiano list with Rocinante, Devil Dogs with Buccaneer, Nyss Hunters, Steelhead Halbs + Cav, Gudran, Harlan, Piper, and Aiyanna & Holt.

I played an pIrusk list that I wanted to try with Conquest, Great Bears, Widowmakers, Widowmaker Marksman, Aiyanna & Holt, Sylys, Harlan, and the Kayazy with Underboss.

The game went pretty well till my wife got home and told me I left the front door unlocked and forgot to feed the dogs. I packed up my things and we never finished the game. It looked like he was in a bad spot vs. the Kayazy and Great Bears because I have access to Iron Flesh and Battle Lust. He might have cleared a few out but they'd be sitting at 19 DEF at the end of my turn. Conquest was also unhurt toeing the zone. My plan would have been to clear out the right zone, contest the left zone with Conquest while hurling shots at Rocinante.

He could possibly pull off an assassination with Rocinante if I didn't blow off his gun hand on my turn. Inhospitable Ground would have halved his threat range for all melee attacks.

It was a fun game and wished we could have finished but I got in trouble. Oh well. Good times.

Visit TableReadyTerrain to pick up some professional non-mousepaddy awesome looking terrain!

Oh, here's some non professional terrain I designed using some mouse pad material;

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Chickenmachine - Chickens named After Warmachine.

My wife said we were getting chickens and I said the only way that was going to happen is if I got to name them. We ended up getting 4 from a lady that was moving so I named one Madelyn Corbeau because she was feisty and was full of intrigue and the other one is Dirty Meg because she's boring and does nothing the whole time.

We let my nephews name the other two and one isJamie and the other is Sleeping Beauty. Not very Chickenmachiney but hey, it works.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

My Warmachine Shelf - My Entire Painted Collection

 Here are some shots of my Warmachine shelf.

Khador and Menoth

Pirates and Khador

Legion of Everblight and Circle Orboros

I'm always looking to trade Legion and Menoth if anyone is interested :)

Khador Warmachine T-Shirt

Got my Tuesday Night Warmachine shirt made! I've got a red one too. Working on making the other Warjacks for my friends and maybe even a cool Warcaster Steampunk armor shirt design.

I decided to not go with the distress and stick to the full blocky color. I also have a Dice Wrath logo to put on the sleeve for when we play in tournaments.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Warmachine T-Shirt - Cryx Shirt

Here is a Deathjack inspired shirt that I designed for us to wear on game nights. I haven't decided if I should write text on him yet. "Crippling Grasp" would be a good spell but it'd be hard to fit it in. We'll see.

Warmachine T-Shirts - Khador and Cygnar

I've always wanted a cool Warmachine T-shirt to wear to game night to show my nerdiness and dedication to my faction but I've never seen any. I designed these just for me and I'll probably make one for every faction.

 For the Motherland!

Shoot First!

These shirts are for fun and are no way being sold because I love Privateer Press and hate getting cease and desist letters. In the future I will be designing more generic steampunk robot shirts that I'll sell on here.

Hope to be wearing a Circle Orboros one for the Devastation Event next month!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Deneghra 3 Conversion - 3D Printed!

We got a 3D Printing Pen at Frys Electronics so I decided to make Denegrhra 3 because I'm too poor to buy it. Most likely not tournament legal, right?

It's definitely not as easy to use as they make it look. The initial goal was to maybe print some fun little weapons to attach to our Warmachine figures but as you can see from the picture above, it's hard to manipulate.

I had problems right out of the box. For some reason the plastic wouldn't feed so I had to manually shove it down which was really awkward and annoying.

Would I recommend this for someone who wants to do some mini conversions? Probably not. It's more of a fun little toy to let you work out some creative juices. You most likely won't make anything cool for Warmachine.

Monday, September 21, 2015

My First Warmachine Tournament - My First Victory!

GMI Warmachine Steamroller 2015 Tournament

This Coin is very special to me and is something I now carry around with me so I can explain to friends and family that I won a game where I pushed around plastic little toys vs. other grown men's plastic little toys for hours on end.

The Coin represents the hundreds of hours I've spent sitting on the toilet reading strategy guides on how to win at this game and studying the countless models and their stats.

It proves my dedication for something that only means anything to very few but sometimes you just need some validation for being a total nerd.
I hope to one day pass The Coin on to my son, Ronan Wolf Lim. Maybe it will inspire him to become the ultra nerd that he was destined to become.

My first tournament was incredibly fun but I didn't realize how stressful it would be though because I've never really played Warmachine in a timed environment. After decompressing after each match I was physically exhausted which I found really weird.

I was actually only really nervous or stressed out in between matches. When I used to play sports I would always puke right before every game. It's a problem I've always had to deal with but once I'm actually performing all the nerves work themselves out.

Some of the key factors in why I did so well was the composition of our local meta. It looks like there's only 1 person in the store that plays Cryx which is the Achilles Heel of my favorite Warcaster, Butcher 3, and it's my buddy Ryan who I've played against dozens of times before so I've got practice against him. There also seems to be only 1-2 Circle and Legion players which I also have trouble with.

I also felt my lists were very flexible. Not in terms of dealing with skew lists but in terms of adapting and capitalizing on my opponents mistakes. The mobility and threat that I had in my lists helped me surprise my opponents and allowed me to switch gears quickly when I felt I had better opportunities. This also worked in my favor because it confused my opponents and ate up their clock which forced them to play sloppier.

I look forward to playing in next month's Devastation Event which I will either bring Circle or Legion. I'm looking to trade my Menoth army and someone offered me some Legion. I'd much rather have Skorne or Circle but if the trade works out, I'll most likely bring them.

I hope to see you guys at GMI Tuesday for some games!

My First Warmachine Tournament - Khador The Old Witch vs. Skorne eMakeda

GMI Warmachine Steamroller 2015 Tournament

This is the last round of the tournament and I made it to the finals table undefeated along with Jose who was also undefeated and playing Skorne. I had never played against Skorne before and I was frantically trying to add his list to War Room so I could at least figure out what his Warlocks' feats were.

I was torn because I wanted Jose to win his last match because I really wanted to experience a Skorne army but I also didn't because I had no clue what they did. I would have been much more comfortable against Zoe, the person he beat, because she brought Legion which I am fairly familiar with.

Oh, I'm also list locked because I hadn't found a favorable match up for my Old Witch list. Jose on the other hand was not list locked. He brought eMakeda and Xerxis' Fist of Halaak Tier list. I've heard a lot about this Tier list so I knew it was something to be feared.

After looking at my locked list, Jose decides to take eMakeda.

Into the Woods (35 Points)

Warcaster: The Old Witch of Khador (-3)
Warjack Attachment: Scrapjack
Warjack: Behemoth (+13)
Unit: Kayazy Assassins (+8)
Unit Attachment: Kayazy Assassin Underboss (+2)
Unit: Winter Guard Infantry (+6)
Unit Attachment: Winter Guard Officer & Standard (+2)
Weapon Attachment: Winter Guard Infantry Rocketeer x2 (+2)
Solo: Eiryss, Angel of Retribution (+3)
Solo: Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich (+2)
Objective: Effigy of Valour


Supreme Archdomina Makeda (35 Points)

Warlock: Supreme Archdomina Makeda (-5)
Warbeast: Molik Karn (+11)
Warbeast: Titan Gladiator (+8)
Unit: Paingiver Bloodrunners (+5)
Unit: Praetorian Swordsman (+6)
Unit: Paingiver Beast Handlers (+3)
Unit Attachment: Praetorian Swordsman Officer & Standard (+2)
Solo: Hakaar the Destroyer (+4)
Solo: Feralgeist (+1)
Objective: Fuel Cache

I didn't get a lot of good pictures because I was really busy trying to read what all his stuff did so I didn't get caught in a gotcha move.

Initial Deployment

I deploy Old Witch in the center of the battlefield behind my objective that gives cover and place Scrapjack on the far right side so I can hopefully run with him and cast a surprise Unseen Path and place the Old Witch next to the flag to score a point.

In not surprising fashion I lose the roll to go first. Jose activates eMakeda and casts Leash on Molik Karn which allows him to advance directly towards her when she moves. She advances up and Molik Karn follows her like a one eyed pup. She then casts Road to War which gives +2 movement to any non-warlock faction models in her control area. She then has Molik Karn, Titan Gladiator, Hakaar, the Bloodrunners, the Swordsman, and Beast Handlers run up as far as they can.

On my turn I allocate 1 to each jack and I basically just run all my guys up except for The Old Witch. I cast Iron Flesh on my Winter Guard Infantry and then cast a 5" Murder of Crows cloud in front of them hopefully to deter the Bloodrunners.

Turn 2 End of Round

I forget to take a picture in between rounds because I'm still trying to figure out what to do. Jose runs his Bloodrunners up to get some of my Winter Guard in melee. He positions the rest to block me from controlling the flag. The Bloodrunners have an ability called Shadow Play which says if they damage one or more enemy models with a melee attack, at the end of the combat action you can place one model in the unit in formation anywhere within 1" of another model in their unit. This gives them some extreme mobility that I did not plan for.

He then runs his Praetorian Swordsman to try and jam my Kayazy Assassins. Molik Karn and Titan Gladiator position themselves to kill next turn and after doing the math I realize that Molik Karn can possibly get +2 movement from the Titan Gladiator, +2 Movement from Road to War, +3 movement for Charge, and +2" for Reach. With speed 6 he's got a threat range of 15" which is extremely deadly especially with eMakeda's affinity of +1 fury, her feat which gives him boosted melee attacks with no Free Strikes, and Future Sight which allows him to boost after the fact.

He then moves up eMakeda and for some reason casts Engine of Destruction. I'm not 100% sure why he did that because he didn't attack and it doesn't give any bonuses to defense. He might have done it to free up some fury on her but there was no point because he wasn't running his beasts hot. It might have been better to keep the fury as transfers.

On my turn I allocate 3 to the Behemoth and hold 4 on The Old Witch. I let Iron Flesh drop on the Winter Guard. I then activate Kovnik Joe to give the Winter Guard his For the Motherland speech which gives them boosted ranged attack rolls. He takes a pot shot and misses. Half the Winter Guard Infantry move up with Bob & Weave (+2 DEF) and spray the Bloodrunners down to 3 models which pass their command check. I am also able to get Hakaar down to 4 life but he loads up on Souls which gives him an armor boost and tokens to buy/boost attacks. I use 2 of the Winter Guard Infantry and spray into the Beast Handlers that are surrounding eMakeda to clear some room for my Kayazy Assassins. I use the other two Winter Guard Infantry and do a combined shot on eMakeda which takes off only a few life.

Next I activate Behemoth and move him up 4" so he can see eMakeda. He lobs 2 arcing fire bombard shots and doesn't hit. The AOE's do minor damage to her which she transfers to the Titan Gladiator. She is now sitting on 0 Fury.

After that I activate Eiyrss and take a shot at her and just do 1 damage bringing her down to 12 boxes.

I then activate my Kayazy Assassins who pop their min-feat, Kill Stroke, which gives them acrobatics and allows them to move through models. I am able to get 4 charges on eMakeda and the rest run to get behind her in case I fail and need a second shot next turn.

With Gang, Kayazy Assassins are MAT 9 which is pretty insane. They also are POW 12 which isn't very good but I've got 4 boosted shots at her.

I hit with the first Kayazy and do minor damage to her bringing her down to 7 life. The second Kayazy whiffs with snake eyes and I'm getting worried because I have only two more shots on her and I already rolled double ones. Fortunately one of the Kayazy attacks and connects needing a 6. I need a 12 on damage which is a 37.5% shot and I manage to roll a 14 which ends up killing her.

Khador Victory!

Close up of Assassination

Those tricky bastards did it! Jose said he didn't know that they had that once per game Acrobatics or he wouldn't have left her out in the open so much. He smiled and said it won't ever happen again and that sometimes it's better to lose and learn a good lesson.

I don't particularly like winning when someone doesn't know what a model does but I really wanted this bad. I definitely would have told him about the Kill Stroke ability after he moved eMakeda in their threat range if it was a casual game. We both had about 30+ minutes on our Deathclocks so we did have time to inspect each other's cards and figure out what everything did.

After the match
Jose was very nice about the game and we chatted about what we would have done differently.
He mentioned that he should have brought his Fist of Halaak list which had Incindiarii that would have murdered my Kayazy Assassins with AOE 3 continuous fire shots.

I might have been more likely to win on scenario though because of the lower model count of Fist of Halaak.

If Jose didn't leave me that opening on eMakeda it would have most likely been a long drawn out scenario match. I would have been able to deny him with Old Witch's feat which says that enemy models in her control area can't run or charge and if they end their movement in it, they take a POW 14. I would have controlled the right flag and then tried to slowly win on scenario.

It was definitely a great tournament and I really enjoyed myself and the people I played against.

For the Motherland!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

My First Warmachine Tournament - Butcher 3 vs. pKreuger

GMI Warmachine Steamroller 2015 Tournament

I learned that Steamroller Tournament strength of schedule is determined by 3 factors. The first factor is your Win/Loss record. The next factor is how many control points you scored during your matches. The final is how many points of enemy models you killed.

Since Andrew and I were the only players that won on scenario and scored 5 control points, we were the #1 and #2 seed and faced each other in the next match. Andrew is a very experienced player but mentioned that he hasn't played competitively in a while. He brought a very strong control army with eKreuger and another hit and run style anti-infantry army with pKreuger.

After everyone submitted lists I saw what Andrew brought and I knew that was going to be the toughest match up for me and I did not want to play against him unless I had to.

Before our match, Andrew and I talked about our lists and not wanting to get List Locked. (You must play both your lists at some point during the tournament) Knowing that he was going to be the hardest match up for me in the tournament I decided to go with my stronger list and play Butcher 3 while Andrew gambled and played pKreuger hoping to save eKreuger for the finals.

Kill Stroked (35 Points)
Warcaster: Butcher 3 (-4)
Warcaster Unit: War Argus x2 (+2)
Warcaster Attachment: War Dog (+1)
Warjack: Ruin (+10)
Warjack: Juggernaut (+7)
Unit: Kayazy Assassins (+8)
Unit Attachment: Kayazy Assassin Underboss (+2)
Unit: Widowmakers (+4)
Solo: Widowmaker Marksman (+2)
Solo: Saxon Orrik (+2)
Solo: Ogrun Bokur (+3)


pKreuger (35 Points)
Warcaster: pKreuger (-5)
Warbeast: Warpwolf Stalker (+10)
Warbeast: Feral Warpwolf (+9)
Warbeast: Gorax (+4)
Unit: Druid Stoneward & Woldstalkers (+5)
Unit: Druid Stoneward & Woldstalkers (+5)
Unit: Shifting Stones (+2)
Unit Attachment: Stone Keeper (+1)
Solo: Blackclad Wayfarer (+2)
Solo: Gallows Groves (+1)
Solo: Gallows Groves (+1)

He beats me on threat range and has answers for my high DEF Stealth infantry but I beat him on big bald fat guys that hit hard.

End of Round 1 

Andrew won the roll and went first and set up on the side with the linear obstructions. He moved both his units of Woldstlakers in a straight gun line and set up for my advance. The double Gallows groves move into position for Arc Noding while the Stones set up to use Shifting. His Stalker and Feral Warpwolf stay back and wait to be Shifted.

What I didn't realize was that Shifting says "within" and not "completely within" so the actual distance of placement is not 8" but more like 9.5" which is much scarier.

On my turn I move my army, cast Energizer so my battlegroup moves 3 extra inches and get ready to dominate the flag on turn 2. I keep Ruin behind Juggernaut and hope that the Warpwolf Stalker will take the bait. I know once I can trade for one of his Warbeasts, I'm in a really good spot to attrition.

I position my Kayazy and Widowmakers in a way that I feel would best protect them from pKreugers feat but I was sorely mistaken. The Widowmakers do some work and killed 4 Woldstalkers.

Round 2

On Turn 2, Andrew moves his unit of Woldstalkers on the right side of the picture so they can pop shots at Ruin. With Concentrated Fire they are all able to hit and do quite a bit of damage to him. He then casts Primal from the Gorax on the Warpwolf Stalker and ports him 9.5" into Reach range with Ruin. He makes quick work of him and also cripples both of Juggernaut's arms. I'm a bad spot but I still feel like if I can take out the Warpwolf Stalker I have a shot.

Andrew then pops pKreuger's feat and decimates my Kayazy. As you can see from the picture above, I spread my Kayazy out and feel like they're safe but I didn't realize that the 3" AOE templates didn't have to be centered on models but instead placed anywhere he wanted. He was able to wipe out 7 Kayazy and all 4 Widowmakers. Luckily the Kayazy passed their command check.

I suffered mass casualties so I had to shift gears. I charged Butcher into the center of the pile of Woldstalkers and Feral Warpwolf and cast Impending Doom and pulled everything in. I then used Flashing Blade and wiped out 4 Wold Shrimp, a Blackclad Wayfarer, and the Warpwolf Stalker. I popped my feat and got back to camping 6 focus bringing his defensive stats to DEF 14 ARM 24.

I then decide to use Energizer to place Butcher base to base with the flag but unfortunately the action was challenged because Butcher was inside a wreck maker that counted as rough terrain. A judge was called over to mediate. Energizer states that he gets Pathfinder on activation he charges. I felt that, since he charged, he had Pathfinder for his entire activation but it was ruled that he did not. It's ok though, I was still able to get a War Argus next to the flag to get 1 point.

I gave up the safety of Butcher and sent out the Ogrun Bokur and the War Dog to contest my friendly flag in future turns. I knew that I was down in attrition with my Juggernaut's crippled arms and if I could just play 1 step ahead of Andrew I could pull away with a scenario win.


Round 3

Andrew was successful with Electro Leap attacks from the Feral Warpwolf attacks that had Lightning Tendrils and focused on clearing out the Kayazy's threat and killed all but 2. He used then used his Gallows Grove and moved it based to base with my flag and gained a point. I didn't think this was legal because the Gallows Grove shouldn't be able to control a flag but couldn't specifically find the rules. Andrew said it could and confirmed with the Press Ganger and was able to get a point. I was fine with it.

Later I found out that Immobile models cannot control zones and that Gallows Groves were in fact Immobile. It was my fault because I used the word "Construct" when asking Joe, the Press Ganger, instead of the word "Immobile" which he confirmed that Constructs could control flags.

It was all good. Andrew had to move pKreuger out of the way because the 2 Kayazy had a shot at assassinating him. This made it so that he couldn't dominate on his turn. He also used the Gallows Grove as an Arc Node and used Tornado to Throw the Juggernaut into Butcher knocking both of them down. The Juggernaut took some more damage but luckily Butcher did not.


On my turn I played it safe and just moved everyone to guard Butcher. I felt that killing him would be the only way Andrew had a chance to win now that I controlled the board. I put my crippled Juggernaut in front of my army with the War Argi behind him and finally positioned Butcher behind everything camping 6 focus.

I used the remaining Kayazy to kill the Gallows Grove that was controlling the flag and positioned the Ogrun Bokur and War Dog on opposite sides of the flag in hopes that Andrew wouldn't be able to kill both in one turn.

At the end of the round I killed 1 shrimp and leader and dominated my zone for another 2 points.


End of the Game

There was a ruin terrain that separated the Feral Warpwolf and Butcher which meant it was almost impossible for the Feral to reach him even with Lightning Tendrils. He was able to easily wipe out the Ogrun Bokur but the War Dog miraculously toughed.

There was nothing much left for him to do. He positioned pKreuger safely and toed the zone instead of Dominating his flag. It would have given him 1 more point but ultimately there was nothing he could do to contest his friendly flag.


My resilient War Dog was able to get up and contest my friendly flag and the War Argi, with Gang were able to wipe out the Gallows Grove that was contesting my enemy flag.

I ended my turn with Butcher dominating which put me up to 5 control points for the scenario win. Khador Victory!


Final Thoughts

This was definitely a very stressful match for me. There seemed to be a lot of things that didn't go my way which was ok because they didn't change the outcome of the game.

The Charge/Energizer/Pathfinder ruling was my fault because I didn't do everything in the proper order. I would have been able to do it if but just needed to do it before my initial attack. I would have had to change the order of my activation to make it work. I would have needed to Charge first, kill everything with the Flashing Blade spell, then Energizered because technically I would have still been in my charge activation and had Pathfinder. It didn't change much because I was still able to get 1 control point with the War Argi which was all that mattered.

The second rules that went wrong was the Gallows Grove that controlled a flag. It was my fault again because I asked the Press Ganger if constructs could control and he said yes when I should have asked if Immobile models could control. Again, this didn't change the game outcome but it did change the tempo and forced me to play more offensively instead of defensively.

I learned a lot during this game because I was able to play an experienced and fierce competitor which I really enjoyed. It was stressful and I was exhausted after it but I think it helped me become a better Warmachine player.