Monday, September 21, 2015

My First Warmachine Tournament - My First Victory!

GMI Warmachine Steamroller 2015 Tournament

This Coin is very special to me and is something I now carry around with me so I can explain to friends and family that I won a game where I pushed around plastic little toys vs. other grown men's plastic little toys for hours on end.

The Coin represents the hundreds of hours I've spent sitting on the toilet reading strategy guides on how to win at this game and studying the countless models and their stats.

It proves my dedication for something that only means anything to very few but sometimes you just need some validation for being a total nerd.
I hope to one day pass The Coin on to my son, Ronan Wolf Lim. Maybe it will inspire him to become the ultra nerd that he was destined to become.

My first tournament was incredibly fun but I didn't realize how stressful it would be though because I've never really played Warmachine in a timed environment. After decompressing after each match I was physically exhausted which I found really weird.

I was actually only really nervous or stressed out in between matches. When I used to play sports I would always puke right before every game. It's a problem I've always had to deal with but once I'm actually performing all the nerves work themselves out.

Some of the key factors in why I did so well was the composition of our local meta. It looks like there's only 1 person in the store that plays Cryx which is the Achilles Heel of my favorite Warcaster, Butcher 3, and it's my buddy Ryan who I've played against dozens of times before so I've got practice against him. There also seems to be only 1-2 Circle and Legion players which I also have trouble with.

I also felt my lists were very flexible. Not in terms of dealing with skew lists but in terms of adapting and capitalizing on my opponents mistakes. The mobility and threat that I had in my lists helped me surprise my opponents and allowed me to switch gears quickly when I felt I had better opportunities. This also worked in my favor because it confused my opponents and ate up their clock which forced them to play sloppier.

I look forward to playing in next month's Devastation Event which I will either bring Circle or Legion. I'm looking to trade my Menoth army and someone offered me some Legion. I'd much rather have Skorne or Circle but if the trade works out, I'll most likely bring them.

I hope to see you guys at GMI Tuesday for some games!

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