Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Trollbloods vs. Mercenaries Battle Report - Bartolo Montador vs. pGrissel

I've never played at a local gaming store and today was my first time. I was nervous at first but after meeting a couple of the regular players I was ready to get a couple games in.

The first game I played I brought a Bart/Galleon Mercenaries list that I wanted to try.

Bart's Gun N' Stun

Warcaster: Bartolo Montador (-5)
Warcaster Attachment: Slys Wyshnalyrr, the Seeker (+2)
Colossal: Galleon (+18)
Warjack: Mule (+8)
Warjack: Mariner (+8)
Unit: Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters (+10)
Unit: Aiyanna & Holt (+4)
Solo: Master Gunner Dougal MacNaile (+2)
Solo: Eiyrss, Angel of Retribution (+3)

My opponent Brought:

pBorka List

Warlock: pBorka (-5)
Warlock Attachment: Pyg Keg Carrier
Warbeast: Earthborn Dire Troll (+10)
Warbeast: Troll Axer (+6)
Unit: Northkin Fire Eaters (+4)
Unit: Trollkin Champions (+10)
Unit Attachment: Skaldi Bonehammer (+3)
Unit: Krielstone Bearer & Sone Scribes (+4)
Unit Attachment: Stone Scribe Elder (+1)
Solo: Horgle, Ironstrike (+3)
Warbeast: Pyre Troll (Attached to Horgle) (+4)
Solo: Fell Caller Hero (+3)
Solo: Troll Whelps (+2)
Solo: Trollkin Champion Hero (+3)
Solo: Alten Ashley (+2)

The goal of my Bart list was to set up my Galleon, Mule, and Mariner to pop off a ton of shots with broadside. I would use the Nyss to jam up the other side and hold off any charges. When I pop my feat I would be able to buy a second turn of guns, hopefully softening him up to be crushed.

The whole 3 Warjack thing didn't work out at all. I needed to put 3 on Galleon so he had enough juice to drag in and finish of heavies. The other 3 focus were spent on Batten Down the Hatches to keep my jacks alive.

In the first round I was able to push my Nyss up to control my enemy's flag and I was able to dominate with Bart on my friendly flag. By the end of the 3rd round I was able to accumulate 3 points.

After that, things went a little bad. My Nyss were decimated by the Pyre troll and Champs. Ryan had positioned his Axer and Earthborn behind rocks so I was unable to drag them to my Galleon. His Champs had Iron Flesh + set Defense + Krielstone which made them pretty hard to kill. Fortunately my Feat bought me a turn. (Models that end their movement in Bart's control area are knocked down and any enemies inside the control area suffer -3 to attacks)

With some buffs and stuff the Earthborn was able to get into melee range with the Galleon and he began beating the crap out of him. The Galleon lost his Left Side from the Earthborn Dire Troll and when I retaliated I was unable to kill it with 6 boosted POW 13 Shots, a Boosted POW 15 shot, and 4x POW 21 Melee hits.

It was a sad day for the Galleon. Fortunately one out of the 9 remaining of my Nyss survived the onslaught of Champs and Hero Champ and contested his friendly flag. My opponent was too far away to contest my friendly flag and I was able to squeeze out a victory.

If it were to go on any longer, the next turn he would have sent in all his champs and Troll Axer and finished off my Galleon. Luckily I was able to score 1 on his turn and 1 on my turn giving me 5 points and the last minute win.

After writing this I also realized that he had a knocked down whelp next to my flag which we didn't count as contesting but I later found out that it did so I would have only had 4 points. He would have had to run his guys through rough terrain to contest on his turn and I have a feeling I would have been able to handle a 1 or 2 Champs to clear out my flag for a win. Oh well.

What would I change about my list? Well having the two other jacks were kind of worthless. They can't do much to heavies without the focus to boost. I never even used Broadside once because I needed to give 3 focus to Galleon and pump everyone's ARM +3.

I would definitely drop the Mule and Mariner and pick up another infantry unit to jam up charge lanes against the Galleon and let his Hot Shot'd guns do the work.

Kayazys would have been great to take on the champs or maybe some Press Gangers to buy some time for the Galleon. Ragman would have also been great to take down the Earthborne that I had to boost to hit.

Overall it was a good game and I was happy I won. It was a great experience to play in public and I got over my fear of game stores :)

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