Thursday, September 10, 2015

Mercenaries vs. Trollbloods - Bartolo Montador vs. pGrissel

I was lucky enough to get 2 games in this week at a game store called GMI Games in Riverside, CA. I had never played at a store before so I was quite nervous till the league organizer, Joe, welcomed us in.

I had only ever played games against five other factions (Cygnar, Cryx, Retribution, Legion and Trollbloods) and I was excited to get a chance to play against something new. I ended up playing two games against Trollblood (doh) but the list was something I had never encountered.

The first game I played was my Mercenaris vs. pBorka in a 50 point mach up which you can read about here.

The second game was 35 points against the League organizer, Joe, and his pGrissel list.

(35 points) Bart's Batten Down The Hot Shot

Warcaster: Bartolo Montador (-5)
Warcaster Attachment: Slys Wyshnalyrr, the Seeker (+2)
Colossal: Galleon (+18)
Unit: Kayazy Assassins (+8)
Unit Attachment: Kayazy Underboss (+2)
Unit: Aiyanna & Holt (+4)
Solo: Master Gunner Dougal MacNaile (+2)
Solo: Ragman (+2)
Solo: Saxon Orrik (+2)

My goal with this list was to set up Galleon as a Hot Shot Colossal turret in the middle of the field while Bart gives him Batten Down the Hatches for +3 armor and gives him a second turn of shooting with his knockdown if moved into control area feat.

The Kayazys would jam while Ragman hid behind the Galleon using Death Field (-2 Armor) to make sure that anything the Galleon dragged in would be blown to smithereens.

Aiyana & Holt would be able to clear paths for the Galleon and Kiss of Lyliss (-2 ARM) would give allow the Kayazys (POW 12, Mat 9 with Gang) to take down some of the other Warbeasts and tough units.

(35 points) pGrissel List

Warcaster: Grissel Bloodsong, Fell Caller (-5)
Warbeast: Earthborn Dire Troll (+10)
Warbeast: Dire Troll Bomber (+10)
Warbeast: Troll Impaler (+5)
Unit: Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes (+4)
Unit Attachment: Stone Scribe Elder (+1)

Unit: Trollkin Fennblades (+8)
Unit Attachment: Fennblade Officer and Drummer (+2)

Turn 1 Mercs - I gave the Galleon Hot Shot (Upkeepable Boosted Ranged Damage Rolls) and charged Bart up the field. Everyone else just ran and spread out a bit. I didn't know what was about to come.

In the middle of Trollbloods Bottom of Turn 1

Turn 1 Trollbloods - My opponent used his mini feat on his Fennblades (+2 Speed) and ran them up 16". He then ran up everything else and had pGrissel pop her feat which allowed her entire army to make a full advance. This meant he was 34" into my zone with the Fennblades. He was able to engage my Kayazy and my Galleon and built a nice wall of Fennblades blocking his Earthborn Dire Troll, Bomber, and Impaler.

 Round 2

Turn 2 Mercs - I was pretty shocked and didn't see that coming. I figured since I went first I'd dictate the line of battle with my Kayazy and then use a Hot Shotted Galleon to pick everything off one by one. At the beginning of my turn I kept up Hot Shot on the Galleon and gave him 3 focus. My goal was to find a way to get Galleon a path to drag in his Earthborn Diretroll any means possible.

The first thing I did was activate my Kayazy and used their mini feat which allowed them to move through other models. With this I was able to charge my Kayazy at the Fennblades blocking his Earthborn Dire Troll. With their MAT 9 and POW 12 (+2 to both due to Gang) I was able to clear most of the way for my Galleon.

Aiyana was unable to get Kiss of Lyliss (+2 to all damage taken) on the Fennblades and they were too far to get it on the Earthborn. Holt was able to pick off one of the Fennblades by aiming (RAT 10) vs. their 16 defense (+4 for being in melee). The Fennblades' reach really screwed with my shooting.

I then activated Ragman and had him cast his Death Field and hide behind the Galleon so I would be sure to crush the Earthborn. The Galleon went it and rolled fire. He was able to pop 5 shots into the Earthborn to soften him up and 1 into the Krielstone. He then used his Trident to drag the Earthborn to him and crushed him with melee attacks.

I rolled very well this turn and I almost felt bad. Most of my die rolls were 5-6 through the whole activation. It didn't matter too much because most of my attacks only needed 5's to stick and damage. I was also rolling +3 damage against the Earthborn which made quick work of him.

Before I ended my turn I was dumb and decided to put Bart on a hill and surround him with Kayazy thinking he'd be safe. I was wrong. I ended my turn casting Batten Down the Hatches (-2 DEF +3 ARM to Battlegroup)

I was also too eager and nervous and forgot to pop my feat which would have sealed the game right then and there.

Turn 2 Trollbloods - This was an all or nothing turn for my opponent. He really needed to get the assassination off because he had nothing left to take the Galleon.

His first move was to give Snipe to his Bomber (+4 Range) and then move him up so he could see Bart. I totally forgot that my Kayazy didn't block LOS because they were stealth! He made sure he outside of 5" of them but still within range of Bart and lobbed 2x RAT 5 POW 16 shots which were both boosted and hit bart for a total of 6 damage. I got off pretty lucky.

His Fennblades attacked my Kayazy (DEF 16 in melee) which missed a lot and only manged to get 2. He then moved up pGrissel behind the Bomber and launched Rift at the Kayazy, killing 3 and forcing me to make a tough check which they failed.

Turn 3 Mercs - I kept up Hot Shot on the Galleon and gave him 3 focus. I tried really hard to find a way to kill pGrissel but I couldn't. She was camping transfers and I couldn't get a good angle to her for a drag so I changed my plans to kill the Bomber.

My Kayazy run backwards to protect Bart from charges and rally at the end of their activation.

Aiyana fails to land Kiss of Lyliss on both the Bomber and the Galleon (whew) and Holt was able to take out 2 Fennblades with his guns.

Ragman moves up and gives himself (and Galleon) Death Field.

The Galleon then Activates and I roll fire again and was able to demolish the Bomber which left pGrissel wide open.

Dougal charges a Fennblade but fails.

I forget to feat again! I cast Batten Down the Hatches which was a horrible idea because it dropped my DEF by 2 boosting my ARM 3 but it cost me 3. There was nothing on his side of the board that could have taken Galleon anyway so I just nerfed myself 2 DEF.

Round 3 - Final

Turn 3 Trollbloods - pGrissel ran her beasts hot last turn so she was stuck making a frenzy check on the Impaler which failed. The Impaler charged and killed his own Fennblade.

I thought I was pretty safe vs, his army but I forgo that pGrissel has a spray and Rift. It was all or nothing again for my opponent and he moves up and casts a Rift needing a hard 9 to hit and it stuck. Bart takes a boosted POW 13 against his 19 armor which he takes 7 damage taking him to 4 health.

After that, pGrissel shoots her spray 8 at Bart needing 10's. He boosts and is able to hit and Bart takes a boosted POW 12 to his 19 ARM. My opponent rolls a 10 which does 3 damage leaving Bart on 1 box.

The store was about to close and pGrissel was sitting on no fury in melee with the Galleon so he conceded and shook my hand.

Final Thoughts: I definitely almost handed this game to my opponent by stick Bart on tht hill. What I should have done was to hide him behind the Colossal and he would have been just fine. I also forgot that the Kayazy had stealth which hurt me because they didn't block LOS. I also had 2 chances to Feat (Knockdown any enemy models that end movement within Bart's control and gives them -3 attack) which would have sealed me the game but I totally forgot to do it. I also shouldn't have casted Kiss of Lyliss against a Fennblade that was engaged with my Galleon but I was lucky I missed both.

Looking at the picture, Galleon might have had reach so pGrissel wouldn't be able to make her Hail Mary shot but I can't really tell.

It was really fun to play something and someone new. Joe, my opponent, knew what my models did and didn't have to sit and read my cards which was really nice. I'm looking forward to going back to GMI next week.

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