Tuesday, September 15, 2015

GMI Games - Tuesday Warmachine Night

We are headed off to GMI again tonight. Last week was quite fun. We were all a little nervous because it was the first time playing outside of the office or the comforts of someone's home.

Here's me, Mark, holding up my new baby THE GALLEON. I got to play him twice that night!

Here's Austin setting up for his game vs. a store regular, Kevin. He brought Siege and was sprayed to death with pFeora.

I got to play a game with Ryan and he brought pBorka. He was real close to an attrition victory but Bart's feat held him back and I was able to get the scenario win.

It was a great night. There were only 3 other Waramchine players there but when I posted on the forums, a couple contacted me for games. We are leaving for GMI at around 4:45pm today and hopefully we'll see you guys there!

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