Saturday, September 19, 2015

My First Tournament - Khador List Discussion - Butcher 3 & Old Witch

GMI Warmachine Steamroller 2015 Tournament

In front of GMI Games. Getting ready for the tournament!

Hey guys! I just got back from my very first local Warmachine Tournament held at GMI Games in Riverside CA. I was pretty nervous because I didn't know what to expect since I only started playing in public 2 weeks ago but I was really excited to battle against some new opponents. 

I debated on taking Circle but ended up bringing Khador because I wanted to represent The Motherland and smash things with with shiny axes. In this post I will talk about the two list I brought and my thoughts on them.

The two lists I brought for the 35 point 2015 Steamroller were:

Kill Stroked (35 Points)
Warcaster: Butcher 3 (-4)
Warcaster Unit: War Argus x2 (+2)
Warcaster Attachment: War Dog (+1)
Warjack: Ruin (+10)
Warjack: Juggernaut (+7)
Unit: Kayazy Assassins (+8)
Unit Attachment: Kayazy Assassin Underboss (+2)
Unit: Widowmakers (+4)
Solo: Widowmaker Marksman (+2)
Solo: Saxon Orrik (+2)
Solo: Ogrun Bokur (+3)

The anchor piece is definitely Butcher 3. If I can piece trade and take out the threats to Butcher, there will be nothing to kill him and I will control the game. Ruin is so awesome with any Butcher because he charges for free with +2 movement and Pathfinder. He can also wipe out large chunk of infantry because of Soul Taker and the Dispel on his Black Iron Mace.

Juggernaut is just a cheap beefy jack that I can threaten with.

The backbone of this list are the Kayazy Assassins. They do so much work! Once per game they will make your opponent think super hard when positioning because they can use Kill Stroke and move through models. Saxon gets them through rough terrain.

Widowmakers and Marksman are there to clear lanes for Ruin and Butcher. while the Ogrun Boker is there in case I have to deal with something with a huge cannon.

The list has high armor and high defense mixed in. It poses a lot of questions for my opponents:

Can I handle Stealth?
Can I handle DEF 14 ARM 24?
Will Dispel ruin my entire plan?
Can I handle fast Pathfinder Units?
Can I handle Shield Guard?

My second list is more of a control list. I debated on taking pVlad/Conquest but decided to settle for Old Witch.

Into The Woods (35 Points)
Warcaster: Old Witch (-3)
Warcaster Warjack: Scrapjack
Warjack: Behemoth (+13)
Unit: Kayazy Assassins (+8)
Unit Attachment: Kayazy Assassin Underboss (+2)
Unit: Winter Guard Infantry (+6)
Unit Attachment: Winter Guard Officer & Standard (+2)
Unit Weapon Attachment: Winter Guard Infantry Rocketeer x2 (+2)
Solo: Eiryss, Angel of Retribution (+3)
Solo: Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich (+2)

This list is more of a block your opponent out of the zone and slow them down kind of list. I like utilizing Unseen Path and have the Old Witch jump across the map to score points. I also have the Winter Guard Death Star in case I ran into Cryx

Behemoth is there to drop bombs on infantry and possibly get shots into the opposing caster.

I am not too comfortable in playing this list but I thought it would be tricky for my opponents.

So those are my two lists! I will write a battle report of the games I had during the tournament :)


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