Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Finished Mercenaries Colossal: The Galleon Conversion!

Mercenaries Galleon Conversion
The Galleon Crushes his Cygnarian Foes

The Galleon has been my most sought after model after picking up Mercenary pirates in a trade. His giant crane claw and his pointy stabby trident harpoon makes me all giggly and squeely. My hatred for Cygnar is shown in hte model. He is crushing an Ironclad and clamping down on a Lancer. I also wanted to give him more of an animated pose so it wasn't so boring.
I was able to trade a bunch of D&D stuff for a majority of the Pirate Boat and the Mercenary paints from my friend, Jeremy. I went for a dirty dry brush rusty metal look which I'm happy with
The Galleon has a nice set of guns but the Trident is the absolute best for crushing Warjacks/Warbeasts. You get a 15" threat range with it (including movement) and you can suck up an enemy warjack (maybe even out of their warlock/warcasters control area) and if you're loaded up with 3 Focus you can smash a POW 15 range attack and 4 normal POW 21 which is enough to wreck almost any Warjack.
This is by far my favorite looking model and I've definitely enjoyed playing it.

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