Friday, February 13, 2015

DIY Battle Bunker Structure Terrain

I'm a person that needs to glue and paint things together. If I had all the money in the world and didn't have to work I'd focus on becoming the next Asian Martha Stewart of miniature war gaming.

My wife and I just had a baby on January 31st 2015, the day before the Super Bowl and when I came home from 3 days of sleep in a chair at the hospital I need to feel "Martha Stewarty" and build things with glue and glitter.

I dug around the house for stuff but couldn't find anything till I remembered that I had precious plastic from an old Cygnar battle box on my shelf. My initial thought was turning it into some well padded dice box so I can throw dice without the fear of them rolling away and choking one of my dogs to death.

After looking at it some more It started to look more like some sort of structure so I decided to go with it.

DIY Miniature Wargame Terrain
The beginning stages of Asian Martha Stewartting

1) I started cutting the walls when I realized the shape would be pretty boring so I found another box insert from a Ravagore/Scythean/Carnivean plastic model kit and made it an L shape.

2) I glued it on some plastic poster board I had laying around in the garage with some hot glue which burned all of my fingers.

3) After that I found some large gravel I had in our garden and glued it around the edges. This was definitely the most time consuming painful part.

4) When that was finished I cleaned up all those crazy hot glue spider webs and primed everything in black. I normally would have just drenched the thing in black but I was running low.

Warmachine Terrain

5) When the black primer dried I dry brushed the ground with some dark brown and then hit it with a lighter brown. After that I dry brushed the walls with dark gray and then a light gray. I was pretty done with it until my wife told me we had a ton of toothpicks left over from the baby shower so i decided to make spikes.

6) I glued all the toothpick spike heads on with some loctite superglue because I was thoroughly pissed off at the hot glue gun.

7) I painted the spikes dark silver then hit the tips with light silver. I liked the wood color at first but I figured giant robots weren't afraid of toothpicks.

8) Here is the final set up with a few little bunkers I made since I had extra box inserts and my entire golden Khador army that I painted because I thought they would look like the guys form the 5th Element. 

5th Element

That is all.

Mark Lim is a web designer, owns and, a food blogger ( and a part time astronaut.  His favorite game is Warmachine / Hordes and is crossing his fingers hoping that "Better Call Saul" is going to not "suck huge balls."

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