Monday, November 2, 2015

Devastation Event - GMI Games - Circle Orbors

Kromac Circle Orboros

Our store is holding the Devastation Event over 3 weeks so we can get more participants and I had my first 3 games with Circle and the Effigy of the Devourer tonight.

Game 1: The first game was pKromac vs. eMakeda. I went first and we both placed our objectives on opposite ends. I deployed my Stalker, Ghetorix, and Feral Warpwolf to run as fast as possible to his objective. He did the same with eMakeda, Molik Karn and a Gladiator. He saw how fast I was at getting to his objective and decided to swing all his guys over to defend his objective. On the next turn I was able to trample though his tar pit unit and get to the objective with the Stalker and Ghetorix followed up with a charge allowing me to win on Scenario on turn 3.

Game 2: I decided to try the same thing again for my second game. This time it was pKromac vs. Legion's pVayl. I won the roll and decided to go first again and we placed our objectives on opposite sides. I tried the same tactic with having the Stalker, Ghetorix, and Feral Warpwolf run up as fast as they could towards the objective. My opponent deployed his Carinvean, Ravagore, and 3 shredders and tried to run as fast as possible to my objective. I had 2 sets of stones and figured they weren't going to make much difference to my Warbeasts' advancing in an open field so I decided to place them near my objective and use them as tar pit units.

On his turn he used a spell martyr to Ravager my Feral Warpwolf and had him advance backwards and attack my Stalker. On turn 2 he was able to un-jam all of his Warbeasts that were being blocked by Stones and sent a charging Carnivean at my objective. He fell 12 hp short. On my third turn I was able to easily kill his objective for a scenario victory.

Game 3: In this match up I played eKreuger vs. Trollblood's pGrim. This was a much more interesting game because he was able to screen his objective with Warders and he was able to basically negate one of my turns with pGrim's -3 speed feat. We went back and forth. I was able to kill a couple Warders and Kriel Stone Bearers and put about 7 points of damage on pGrim. He took out a crucial Stone, some Druids, my Gallows Grove, and my Stalker. It was looking bad but I had better positioning and I also got his Mountain King down to 1 hp. I thought about trying to kill the Trollblood objective with a primaled Ghetorix, Stone Keeper, Blackclad Wayfarer, and 4 Druids but my opponent told me that his Krielstone also gave the +2 ARM bonus to his objective which quickly threw the math way off. I decided to go for the assassination instead. I am able to land the first ranged attack with eKreuger and with Sustained Attack I was able to remove all his fury and get him down to 6 health. My Ghetorix was able to get into range and hit pGrim once to kill him.

Some things I learned: Our objective doesn't come into play very often unless to plan to play really defensively which is probably a bad idea. I leaned that it takes 2 Warbeasts to kill the objective reliably. It's also much more beneficial to go 2nd so you can counter their deployment and get the extra 3". I also learned that it's very hard to get to the enemy objective on Turn 2 and you should plan to get there and finish it on Turn 3.

I will most likely get 3 more games in next week. If anyone has any experiences with the Circle and the Devastation Event please share