Thursday, October 1, 2015

Visit to Table Ready Terrain + a quick Khador vs. Mercenaries game that didn't end well.

Last week I got an invitation from Rob at Table Ready Terrain to come see some of his work. He has some amazingly detailed terrain made from all sorts of different materials like Pringles cans, coffee stir sticks, and pink insulation foam. It's something his wife calls, "upcycling." We use his terrain at GMI all the time and I've even seen them used on Chain Attack videos.

Rob is also an amazing painter and terrain builder and it's a damn shame that his TURNS TAKE FOREVER.

After taking a look at how he makes his stuff I got a chance to play a quick game with him. He played his Damiano list with Rocinante, Devil Dogs with Buccaneer, Nyss Hunters, Steelhead Halbs + Cav, Gudran, Harlan, Piper, and Aiyanna & Holt.

I played an pIrusk list that I wanted to try with Conquest, Great Bears, Widowmakers, Widowmaker Marksman, Aiyanna & Holt, Sylys, Harlan, and the Kayazy with Underboss.

The game went pretty well till my wife got home and told me I left the front door unlocked and forgot to feed the dogs. I packed up my things and we never finished the game. It looked like he was in a bad spot vs. the Kayazy and Great Bears because I have access to Iron Flesh and Battle Lust. He might have cleared a few out but they'd be sitting at 19 DEF at the end of my turn. Conquest was also unhurt toeing the zone. My plan would have been to clear out the right zone, contest the left zone with Conquest while hurling shots at Rocinante.

He could possibly pull off an assassination with Rocinante if I didn't blow off his gun hand on my turn. Inhospitable Ground would have halved his threat range for all melee attacks.

It was a fun game and wished we could have finished but I got in trouble. Oh well. Good times.

Visit TableReadyTerrain to pick up some professional non-mousepaddy awesome looking terrain!

Oh, here's some non professional terrain I designed using some mouse pad material;

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