Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Soul Trapper - Cryx Thrall Solos Model Preview

Soul Trapper Cryx Thrall Solos

These guys look scary. I'm not sure what they do but they probably eat your souls and use them to power their pure evil Cryxness. The models look amazing though. The Privateer fluff says,

"Drawn to the dying, the soul trapper stalks the front lines with both eagerness and desperation. Its arms continually wrest souls of the recently departed from the air, limbs darting here and there like the workings of a manic threshing machine. It crams its stolen harvest into prepared chambers akin to soul cages within its body, where they await transference to other, mightier entities. It is said the screams of the souls transferred through the creation’s chest can be heard echoing from its ribcage long after they have gone, though few mortals have ever gotten close enough to hear."

It looks like they'll be playing out front a lot with Soul Collector and can probably do something like Soul Transfer or shifts souls to Warcasters/Warjacks. Either way, they look awesome to paint.

For the full article and a 3D view visit:

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