What the heckdiddlyheck is Dice Wrath?

If you're a gamer you know that there is a giant tentacled god in the sea named Dicelore that shoots lightning bolts out of his eyes and screws you over whenever you don't want to roll snake eyes.

This blog was created to appease him and give me special dice juju whenever I play games.

Are You Insane?

Yes. Yes, I am. My goal with this blog is to create an economical engine where I can do what I love (play games, talk about strategy, spend time with my friends and family) and not have to stand in line for a welfare check or run a ponzi scheme for bitcoins.

My hope is to post fun content and build a Dice Wrath clothing brand that caters to the needs of the gamer community.

Dude, that's not going to work.

No, you're insane.

About the Bloggers

Mark Lim - Used to be the most Googled "Mark Lim" on planet Earth till he got married and didn't need to be socially relevant to get girls. He now lives with his family in Beaumont, CA where he works as a webpage designer and owns two T-shirt companys: PoisonApple.com and OverwatchApparel.com.
Ryan Miller - After his unicorn hunting business went under (licensing issues), Ryan decided to go back to school and is currently getting his M.A. at CSUSB. He lives in San Bernardino, CA where he works as a tutor and grad student intern/slave when he isn't harassing his friends off-line.