Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Model Spotlight: Karchev

I hated Karchev's old pose and wanted to give him a more aggressive look. He's super fun to play and I really enjoy running a ton of Warjacks with him.

I recently played Karchev in a Journeyman League at GMI Games. He does such amazing work with the help of Widowmaker Scouts after they trigger Road to War giving a Warjack a 3" advance.
He has a surprisingly effective Knockdown Spray which can really help with annoying models with high DEF.

His other spell is Battle Charged which gives Warjacks Counter-Charge. With the right positioning you get a 2-3 Counter-Charges off on an enemy model charging in hopefully crippling a system or maybe even destroying it.

His Feat gives boosted Attack and Damage rolls for your Battlegroup and is devastating when you get close enough to use it. A Juggernaut swinging with 4x Boosted MAT 7's with Boosted POW 19 and a Boosted POW 15 is ridiculous. Behemoth with Armor Piercing can easily solo an ARM 20 Colossal with average dice on Karchev's Feat turn.

He's definitely not the most tricky caster to play but it's sure fun to ram some jacks down your opponent's throat.

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