Wednesday, April 27, 2016

New 4/27/16 Insider Spoilers

New Scenario - Rumble will be a new 30" x 30" scenario for people who have smaller tables. Players only deploy their Advanced Deployment on turn 1 and on Turn 2 they deploy their main force. This will prevent Turn 1 assassinations.
All - More Terrain! Instead of the 5-7 pieces, Steamroller 2016 will have around 6-8 pieces
All - Terrain placement will be less restricted in terms of distance between each other and objectives
All - Terrain placement will be tighter and can't be placed on the edges of the board.
All - No more Toe-ing into terrain (forests/hills/clouds). You need to be completely within to gain the benefits.
Minions - Wrong Eye will be getting Star Crossed
Minions - "Arkadius' needle got some nifty upgrades, and he doesn't just stick enemy models with them anymore. I mean, one of his options is to fill one of his own warbeasts with Raw Adrenaline, which reads: If a living warbeast is damaged by an attack with this weapon, all attack and damage rolls resulting from its next basic attack this turn are boosted."

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