Monday, April 11, 2016

My First Games with Vladimir, the Dark Champion

I've been thinking about adding eVlad to my Steamroller paring but I don't have the model yet so I proxied him with pVlad for a couple games.

I've been running a list with eVlad, War Dog, Behemoth, Greylord Outriders, Kayazy Assassins + UA, Kayazy Elimators, 2x units of Doom Reavers, Man-O-War Drakhun, and eEiyriss.

The first game I played was vs. Phinneus Shae and the Pirate Boat and I was able to use the Greylord Outriders with Hand of Fate to clear a lot of units except there was some massive Tough-ing going on and made it really hard. I also has Assail on the Behemoth so he could trample for free and lob shots at the infantry. The Behemoth eventually got to the Galleon and destroyed it. The Galleon couldn't drag Behemoth in with his Trident because the Kayazy Eliminators stood in front of him and were very hard to kill.

Shae was able to get to the flag and they quickly rose to 3 points. The Mercenaries had two choices: Try and kill eVlad who had 6 health which means he was DEF 17 - ARM 23 with Might of Kings or Kill the Objective (Bunker) and see if they could hold out for 1 more turn.

The Mercs chose to try and kill the Objective with the Press Gangers who the only units close enough and alive enough to try. They failed after eVlad stepped up and made sure that if they wanted to kill the objective, they'd have to take a eVlad free strike.

The Greylords and Behemoth were able to clear a path and a 7 Fury eVlad with +2 stats from Might of Kigns was able to decimate Captain Phinneus Shae.

The next match up vs Butcher 3 did't work so well as you can see above. Butcher and his Warjcks (Spriggan, Beast 09, and Ruin) were way too much to handle. The sniper package of Widowmakers, Marksman, and Kell Bailoch kept the Doom Reaver rush to a minimum and the Iron Fang Pikeman were able to hold off the Kayazy and contest the zone.

In the end some bad dice were rolled vs the Beast 09 and Ruin which swung the tide of battle. I don't think it would have mattered much anyway. Butcher 3 out threatens eVlad 16" vs. 11" and would have put axe to face even with Might of Kings and a full camp. In the end Beast 09 and Ruin finished of eVlad for a Khador vs. Khador victory.

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