Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Cygnar (Strkyer 3) vs. Skorne (eMorghoul) Battle Report

I was planning on playing some of my Steamroller Khador parings tonight but I didn't want to make Austin cry like a little girl so I threw together a Skorne army.

The Skorne army consisted of eMorghoul, Molik Karn, a Brute, Tiberion, Harpoony dudes, Incindiarii, Prateorean Swordsmen, the Warlock attachment, and the Paingivers.

Austin decided to play his Stryker 3 with a Centurion, Stormclad, Lancer, Storm Blades, Runewood, Finn, JWC, The solo Gun Mage, Strageways, Boomhowlers, and Rhupert.

Cygnar vs. Skorne
Austin already confused about the set up

All of Cygnar ran up on turn one. Austin got Fuiry on the Sword Knights and set them up to take the first hit. On Turn 1 I was able to move up my Incidiarii slowly and lob a couple shots at the Sworsmen who Reformed closer. I was able to set 2 on fire and kill one.

Cygnar Top o Turn 2

Austin began drawing the line of battle with the Sword Knights and Boomhowlers. I was able to kill 2 Boomhowlers after he made 4 tough rolls which helped a bit. He lined up his Arcane Shielded Centurion up front for me to try and smash.

Skorne Bottom of Turn 2

Austin was able to tie up Molik Karn and blocked the charge lane to Centurion with Sword Knights. I used Morghoul with Fate Walker to clear a path and charged in.

Skorn Bottom of Turn 3

On my turn I was able to clear some room for Tiberion to charge the Arcane Shielded Centurion. With bad dice rolls I was only able to take out his left arm. On my next try, I trampled with Molik Karn and was able to get the Centurion down to 1 life. I had to send the Brute in which took a free strike from a Fury'ed Sword Knight and took out an aspect. I had to boost but I was able to kill the Centurion off. It took pretty much everything.

Cygnar Top of Turn 4

Austin feated and was able to kill Tiberion and didn't do much after that. His Boomhowlers failed to do any damage to Molik Karn and the Brute. In an odd strategic choice, Austin ran Stryker so he would be in Melee with Morghoul.

On my turn I moved Morghoul out of the way with that 2" thing and  then launcheda combined shot with 6 Incindiarii doing about 8 damage. Morghoul was able to charge in and finish off Stryker 3 for a Skorne victory.

Skorne is ok. Their beasts aren't as good as Warpwolves and their casters have low Fury with minimal spells. They're fun to play once in a while but I feel they lack deep strategy and flexibility. I am loving Incindiarii though. If Khador's Bombardiers were like them, I would take them in every list.

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