Wednesday, April 20, 2016

New 4/20 Insider for MK3 - Eiryss New Card, Mountain King, Trenchers, and Slayer!

Ahh! Privateer Press Insider has new spoilers! New card previews! Looks amazing!!!

Few bullet points on stuff
  • Melee has ranges now
  • New icons for Assault, Disruption, and Blessed
  • Version numbers on cards
  • Getting rid of "Epic" and just adding #'s
  • Reposition [x] - Variable movement after activation
  • Not all Warjacks are Constructs?
  • Mountain King is super good!
  • Trenchers get Tough and Brutal Charge
  • Spell Breaker - Upkeeps can kept on if caster taks D3 damage
  • Purchasing additional ROF attacks don't cost Focus/Fury
  • Unit Attachments are now same FA as unit
  • Something about taking a mix and match of Weapon Attachments
Other fun stuff! The new post broke the interweb and the Privateer Press forums are busted but those were the highlights.

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