Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Space Marines Terminators Ultramarines
Warhammer 40k - Ultramarines

Last night I got a chance to paint up some Terminators and was happy with the outcome. I still need to add some highlights to the base and glue down some grass. This would be a 1,000 point Matched play army. If I get another Dreadnought painted this would be a fully painted 50 Power Point army.

I've never played 40k but I'm pretty competitive when it comes to Warmachine so I'm not sure how the tournament point structure is set. From what I've been reading, 7th Edition was 1,850 points but in the new 8th Edition it will be 2,000 points. I've got about 3,000 points of Space Marines but I'm not sure they work together as a lot of them are expensive models/units.

My goal is to have a fully painted 1000 point / 50 Power Level army by the end of the week (June 25, 2017) and then by the end of July, have a fully painted 2,000 point army.

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