Monday, July 18, 2016

Khador - Journeyman League - Week 2

khador journeyman league week 2
Khador Journeyman League - Week 2

Tomorrow I continue my Journeyman League at GMI Games in Riverside, CA but for week 2 they've bumped up the battlegroup points by 10. Since your'e required to take your original battlebox of Koslov, a Juggernaut, and a Decimator, there aren't many options for Khador to get to 10 points. 

The only real choice is a Marauder which offers nothing exciting. The new ability to get an extra die on structures is absolutely useless but for 10 points you get 32 boxes at 20 ARM.

Last week we played straight battleboxes in a Mangled Metal format which has no scenario other than the win condition of destroying all of your opponent's Warjacks/Warbeasts.

I played 3 games. The first game was vs. Cygnar which I was able to easily beat after taking out the Ironclad. The second game was vs. Menoth. My opponent misjudged some distances even though you can premeasure and I was able to get the alpha strike before he could set my caster on fire.

My third and final match of the week was vs. Justin's Retribution. It was a rough game as he was able to shoot and re-position his Jacks back 3" with Rhythm of War. He was also able to move around my Jacks 3" with Force Grip. With no scenario he was just slowly plinking away with boosted POW 12 shots and my speed 4 Jacks could never reach him. 

I finally was able to chase him accross the table and got Koslov next to his caster. I just needed to survive a turn but he was able to finish me off with Hand of Destruction and a Manticore.

Hopefully this week doesn't suck because it's another Mangled Metal scenario. I'll only have a chance if there's more terrain. I actually didn't use Decimator's guns every much and didn't realize it had beat back. I might try shooting his Manticore out of range of Helynna and then ramming Jacks down his throat. It might work out. 

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